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How To Handle Every December Global Holidays

December Global Holidays

December is full of cultural, religious, and secular holidays. Taking a moment to explore these holidays will help you better appreciate the diversity of our world.

December’s holidays include Christmas, New Year’s, and Thanksgiving, so you can plan a trip to see the sights and celebrate the festivities.

Below are just a few of the global holidays that fall during December. Learn more about these holidays and their origins, and consider celebrating Christmas and the rest of them this month.

Read on to learn more about these holidays and their significance. You can also find a December Global Holidays T-shirt at your local sporting goods store! And, don’t forget to share this page with friends and family!

December is a strenuous month if you’re a holiday seeking some form of recognition, even just a little time in the spotlight.

Not solely do you have to confront the two of the leading, most commercialized, and most-looked forward to holidays of the year.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve – but you’ve also got to compete against such eminent holidays as Hanukkah, Kwanza, Yule, Boxing Day, and Krampusnacht.

Krampusnacht is a Dec. 5 event that honors St. Nick’s devilish, evil partner Krampus, a half-goat/half-demon who punishes ‘wicked children, which seems pretty random and rather unfair if you ask me.

Maybe Krampus should take a long look in the mirror before he runs out and terrorizes central European children next winter.

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  • What holidays do people celebrate in December?
  • What holidays are in December?
  • What are Global Holidays?

You will find answers to all the above questions if you continue to read this article.


Christmas is celebrated worldwide, and there are numerous subtle variations and ways that may be of interest.

Some people may be familiar with Krampus, the terrible sidekick of Saint Nicholas who drags away misbehaving youngsters in a sack.

Those who find themselves in Austria for the Christmas day celebrations may have the fortunate (or terrible) fortune of observing a person strolling in a Krampus outfit.

The Philippines are home to the Giant Lantern. A festival is held in San Fernando, featuring a bewildering assortment of enormous, multicolored lanterns.

How Many Christian December Global Holidays In December 

  • Wednesday, December 8: Immaculate Conception Day (holiday for everyone).
  • Friday, December 24: Non-working day (public sector)
  • Saturday, December 25: Christmas Day (public holiday for all)
  • Monday, December 27th: Non-working day (public sector)
  • Friday, December 31: Non-working day (public sector).


Kwanzaa is a relatively new festival, but it is nonetheless iconic.

Kwanzaa, created by Maulana Karenga in 1966, is a technically secular holiday.

African Americans observe a custom that is frequently associated with the holiday season.

Honoring their African cultural heritage Kwanzaa takes place from December 26 until January 1.


Thanks to their gregorian calendar closeness, many consider the Jewish Festival of Lights

to be identical to Christmas in relative religious influence. It is one of the most openly celebrated, And one of the most epochal.

Hanukkah celebrates an ancient uprising brought out by the Maccabee warriors, and the freeing of the Temple in Jerusalem.

The legend goes that an individual jar of ceremonial oil spectacularly burned for eight full nights.

Jews honor by lighting the Hanukkiah (a nine-branched lamp), eating lots of oily food like latkes (potato cakes) and sufganiyot (doughnuts), spinning dreidels, and handing over presents.


Isn’t Yule or Yuletide identical to Christmas? While presently there’s a lot of overlap between the terms, Yule was formerly a holiday observed by Germanic pagan religions.

Many of the old myths continue to exist today.! For example, in Sweden, a giant goat is built up out of straw and is sometimes burned down, resting on how things work. 

When Christianity showed up in that part of the world, many of the Yule practices were incorporated. However, some Neo-Pagans endeavor to celebrate the Yule as it was in the antique past, with ritual gifts and festivities.

Boxing Day

Revolving around where one is from, Boxing Day may be a strong-established component of one’s holiday shopping schedule or a totally unheard-of word.

In the UK and some of her old territories, Boxing Day was basically the day service communities like mailmen and maids were left presents by their bosses. Now it’s largely for post-Christmas expenditure.


Ōmisoka, New Year’s Eve, is held the second-most influential day in Japanese culture as it is the last day of the old year and the eve of New Year’s Day, the most significant day of the year.

Families meet on Ōmisoka for one last time in the old year to have a pot of Toshi Koshi-soba or Toshi Koshi-udon, a practice based on eating the long noodles to cross over from one year to the next.

At midnight, many visit temples or shrines for Hatsumōde. Shinto temples provide amazake to pass out to crowds and frequently Buddhist temples have huge cast bells being struck once for each of the 108 worldly desires thought to cause human misery.

Lucia Day- 13th December 

St. Lucia is likewise referred to as the festival of lights, which is majorly honored in Sweden, Norway, and the Swedish-speaking territories of Finland.

This day occurs on the 13th of December in honor of St. Lucia (St. Lucy), an earliest Christian Martyr.

She was murdered after she was charged with silently furnishing food to Christians living and sheltering in the mazes of underground catacombs below the capital of Rome.

This holiday is observed as young girls stroll around covered traditionally with wreaths on their heads and candles.

This winter holiday illustrates light in the midst of long, dark Nordic colds.

Winter Soliscate- 20th to 23rd December

The December solstice marks the briefest day north of the equator and the longest day in the south.

The December Solstice can take place on 20th, 21st, 22nd, or 23rd December, however, 20th & 23rd December solstices are scarce.

On this day, families light up bonfires and candles to lure back the sunlight. Some individuals can’t wait for the frostier weather, snow, skiing and ice skating, crouching by a fire, and the holiday spirit.

You will recognize a peaceful sort of silence when you wander through the woodlands—a suppressed kind of quiet. 

December Global Holidays List

December Global Holidays 2022
Date December Global Holidays Significance
5th December 2021 Krampusnacht The 5th of December is observed by the people of Austria.
06th December 2021 St. Nicholas Day St. Nicholas Day is commemorated on December 6 in several European nations in honor of Saint Nicholas of Myra, who donated all of his wealth to the poor.
8th December 2021 Feast of the Immaculate Conception In the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Korea, Nicaragua, Paraguay, the Philippines, Spain, and Uruguay, the 8th of December is a patronal feast day commemorating a pillar of Catholic education.
28th Nov to 06th December 2021 Hanukkah To commemorate an ancient miracle, individuals burn a menorah (a unique candleholder) for eight consecutive days.
13th December 2021 St. Lucia Day In honor of a third-century saint, girls in Sweden dress as “Lucia brides” on this day, donning long white dresses with red ribbons and a wreath of flickering candles on their heads.
13th December 2021 Santa Lucia Scandinavians and Italians celebrate this holy holiday on the thirteenth of December in honor of Saint Lucia of Syracuse.
16 to 24 December 2021 Las Posadas From the 16th to the 24th of December, people throughout Mexico and Guatemala celebrate this holiday to honor the Norse god Odin.
21st December 2021 Winter Solstice This occurs around the 21st of December and is the winter’s shortest day. People ignite bonfires and candles to coax the sun back into the sky.
23rd December 2021 Festivus This spoof holiday is celebrated on December 23 in the United States, and its significance is to advocate against Christmas industrialism.
25th December 2021 Christmas Christmas celebrations extend from Christmas Eve to the sixth of January, and each country celebrates it differently. Some celebrate it with traditions, while others exchange gifts.
26th Dec 2021 to 01st Jan 2022 Kwanzaa Kwanzaa is a spiritual celebration observed from December 26 to January 1. African Americans wear unique attire, decorate their homes with fruits and vegetables, and light a kinara on these holidays (candle holder).
31st December 2021 Omisaka Omisaka is the Japanese custom for ringing in the New Year.
31st December 2021 New Year’s Eve New Year’s Eve is celebrated around the world with merriment and vigor to mark the end of the year and welcome the incoming year with charm and joy.


Last but not the list, Bank Holidays

Here is all there is to know regarding the Bank Holidays for 2022:

When is the next bank holiday?

The first bank holiday of 2022 will take place on January 3, which is a substitute holiday for New Year’s Day.

Will there be an extra bank holiday?

The UK is preparing to gain an extra bank holiday in 2022 to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, with a four-day weekend planned for June.

The Platinum Jubilee will commemorate the Queen’s seventieth year on the throne, making her the longest-reigning British monarch to date.

How many bank holidays are there in 2022?

Including January, there will be a total of nine bank holidays next year for England and Wales.

These bank holidays will take place on these dates:

Friday, April 15 – Good Friday

Monday, April 18 – Easter Monday

Monday, May 2 – Early May bank holiday

Thursday, June 2 – Spring bank holiday

Friday, June 3 – Platinum Jubilee bank holiday

Monday, August 29 – Summer bank holiday

Monday, December 26 – Boxing Day

Tuesday, December 27 – Christmas Day (substitute day)

When else has a special bank holiday occurred?

Frequently, special bank holidays are provided for major events, such as the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

On April 29, 2011, the United Kingdom honored the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton with an additional bank holiday.


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