Dried Flowers How To Make and Simple Décor Ideas


Dried Flowers How To Make

If you dry flowers, you can save all of your favorite blooms as long as you want to keep them.

And not merely do dried flowers last, you can also make use of them to decorate the home and garden.

Whether you wish to line the mantle with dried roses, produce dried floral arrangements to hang in the bedroom, or even scent the house with potpourri, dried out flowers are the answer.

To enable you to get started, we have a guide that helps you through how to dry out flowers.

What you’ll require:

  • Flowers (obviously)
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Stick or hanger

Step one: Prepare flowers by eliminating leaves.

Dried Flowers How To

To begin, take any additional foliage out of the flower stems. It is alright to keep some foliage on the stem in case you love the appearance of greenery, they are going to dry too.

Step two: Group flowers and connect them together.

Group flowers as preferred as well as connect the string around the base. If the stems are extremely lengthy (personal preference), cut to your preferred length.


Step three: Attach the blossoms to a hanger

Hang flowers

Hang the bunches upside down. Keep them in a comfortable, dim, dried up a place to stop the rot and also minimize fading.

Air circulation allows the flowers dried out and also prevents mold, so hold bunches spaced out in a place with a healthy cross breeze, a minimum of six ins (15cm) below the ceiling.

You are able to hang the blossoms from hooks, nails, or maybe coat hangers. A way that is easy to do it’s a paper clip bent into an S shape. Poke 1 conclusion underneath the rubber band, and also the opposite end over the hook

Step four: Leave for three to four weeks

The flower is prepared when the petals are sharp to the contact. Occasionally a lot is going to take more than 4 weeks, typically because the room is not perfect or maybe the flower petals are uncommonly thick.

The stems typically dried out completely straight. When you desire a far more organic, curved appearance, submerge the stems in water that is warm until smooth. Bend them the way you like, and keep them in place with weights until they dry out again.


Simple Décor Ideas

dried flowers on the door

Very simple and quick

A couple of transparent bottles and  voila

Dried flowers arrangement