Garden Tub And Why You Need One


Garden Tub

Garden Tub

Are you thinking about renovating your bathroom and creating a spa-like retreat? A garden tub might be the perfect addition for you. These spacious bathtubs offer a luxurious bathing experience, allowing you to unwind and soak away your stress

Becoming ever so more popular, the back garden Bathtub is an oversized soaking tub that offers a degree of rest unrivaled by many bathtubs in the industry.

But what precisely can it be? Just how huge of a bathroom should you have to accommodate one?

Exactly how expensive will they be, and maybe, most notably, is it the proper bathtub for you?

Whether you’re renovating a brand new space or even an existing bathroom, below are a couple of considerations to help keep in mind should you consider a garden tub.

How do you install a garden tub?

Installing a garden tub involves several steps. First, ensure the area is prepared and leveled. Then, connect the water supply and drainage pipes. Set the tub in place and secure it to the floor. Finally, seal any gaps and test for leaks. Consulting a professional is recommended for proper installation.

Garden Tub and Why You Need One in Your Bathroom Oasis

Thinking about renovating your bathroom and creating a spa-like retreat? A garden tub might be the perfect addition for you. These spacious bathtubs offer a luxurious bathing experience, allowing you to unwind and relieve stress. Imagine sinking into a warm bath surrounded by calming candles and aromatherapy scents. Pure bliss!

Heritage of Garden Tub

Garden Tub easy

The French elite and aristocracy began to use garden tubs in the early 1700s.

Back then, they were placed in or above the garden so the user could admire their landscape and scenery while they bathed, hence the name.

Comprised of zinc, these bathtubs were lavish and adorned with many decorative flourishes.

The water drained for bathing was then routed back into the gardens to provide water for the plants.

The English took this idea and began incorporating these bathtubs for home use, with the general purpose of placing them near windows or vivid scenery.

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Beyond Luxury: Spacious Bathing and More!

Garden tubs aren’t just about creating a luxurious escape. They offer a much more spacious bathing experience compared to standard tubs. This is perfect for taller individuals or those who simply enjoy stretching out in the bath for a truly relaxing soak.

Some garden tubs offer enough space for couples to bathe together comfortably. Additionally, a garden tub can add value to your home when it comes time to sell.

Garden vs. Standard bathtub comparison

To begin with, a gardening bathtub is much broader and more profound than a regular bathtub.

Thanks to its oval design, which makes it quite big, requiring a subsequent room volume to accommodate it, something many homes can’t handle.

Along with its robust size, the sizeable all-around design also limits a lot of an alternative to affix a bath on it like a lot of bathtubs.

Lastly, a back garden bathtub cost compared to a standard alcove or perhaps freestanding bathtub is generally higher, with peaks of approximately anywhere from $3000 5000. This is without the price of installation.

There are plastic garden tubs offered for around $500 1,000, but these are likely to be low priced, as the content doesn’t retain heat quite nicely and will be substantially less long-lasting, causing you much more cash for replacements in the long haul.

Backyard bathtubs compensate for these concerns by having a strong enough water capability to seat and submerge a particular person totally, making it a lot more successful in providing a deeper try soaking than a typical bathtub on average, does not have almost a massive water capability for soaking.

This proves beneficial for therapeutic soaks or relaxation as it offers a much more carefully calming environment than your usual bathtub.

What are the costs for the back garden tub – as well as installation?

Because of its substantial size, garden tubs wind up on the spectrum’s expensive conclusion when discussing bathtubs.

A standard or typical backyard tub costs around $2,000, with no installation expenses factored in.

This can quickly take up to around $5,000+ depending on the material used, making this bathtub somewhat out of reach for anyone at a low cost.

Installation can also be a massive element in rates as these bathtubs are relatively big, adding to install troubles, which a specialist is advised to add approximately $1,000 2,000 to the original cost.

Exactly how huge is the garden tub?

Your typical garden tub is approximately forty-two inches wide, 60 inches long, and 24 in deep. (3.5 ft broad, 5 ft long, 2 ft deep)

This is more or less the size of a conventional oval garden tub.

Nevertheless, on the high end, they can get a lot larger with several bathtubs running as high as 70 in full, 70 inches long, with a water amount of 30 inches. (5.8ft wide, 5.8 ft long, 2.5 ft deep), that in size is truly comparable to a jacuzzi, that’s a gardening bathtub with installed planes.

What shapes do they come in

Garden bathtubs are available in several different shapes, although the core similarity in every one of these shapes is they’re oval or perhaps rounded.

This comes from a more contemporary style that provides much more water depth, much like a basin, allowing for total submergence while bathing.

Additionally, it would mean that the bathtub is completed on all sides like a regular freestanding bathtub, providing you complete access to other tubs.

This style, however, while helping you obtain greater drinking water depth, also implies that a shower is not viable unless you’ve plenty of space to accommodate both the bathtub and a much larger enclosure, as the regular garden tub design doesn’t flush nicely against the wall as conventional freestanding bathtubs do.

Nevertheless, most garden tubs Could be equipped with pressured streams and water jets, adding more to produce a jacuzzi effect rather than a hot shower.

Garden tubs are a great way to chill out and unwind, providing you with the convenience of a hot tub in your own house.

They’re also really costly, take up the vast majority of the bathroom of yours, and need about two times the water level that a typical bathtub will require.

For all those that are actually on a tighter spending budget, think about a standard freestanding tub instead.

Considerations: Finding the Perfect Fit

Garden tubs indeed require more space than standard bathtubs. However, there are smaller garden tub options available if you’re working with a limited bathroom size. In fact, some garden tubs come equipped with whirlpool jets, eliminating the need for a separate shower stall, which can save valuable bathroom real estate.

While garden tubs can be more expensive than standard tubs, there are cost-effective options like acrylic models. The good news is that garden tubs are generally easy to maintain due to their smooth, non-porous surfaces, making cleaning a breeze.

Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa Sanctuary

If you want to create a luxurious and spacious bathing experience in your new bathroom, a garden tub might be the perfect choice. Contact a bathroom professional today to discuss your options and find the ideal garden tub. Imagine the possibilities – a relaxing soak after a long day, a romantic bath for two, or a spa-like retreat right in your own home!

Here are a few Portable bathtub products that people are buying.


1. Inflatable Portable Bathtub, White Durable Soaking Bath Tub with Large Backrest

Portable Bath Tub

Adequate space: The inner inflatable size of the lightweight bathtub: forty-eight inches long, twenty-three inches wide, and 17.5 in tall; outside inflatable measurement: sixty inches long, thirty-four inches wide, and twenty-seven inches tall.

With the lightweight inflatable hot tub, you can extend freely in the bath, big enough for kids and adults, ideal for bathing.

Very Comfortable & Durable: The inflatable backrest(inflated twenty-seven inches) makes you cozy when you’re in the lightweight bathtub.Easy to fold and shop, you can delight in spa time anytime, anyplace.

Made with PVC, which is thirty percent heavier than most in the marketplace, it decreases the chance of punctures and ensures a very long service life.

Quick Drain & Fast Inflated as well as Deflated: There are each of the drain plugs on the bottom part 2 levels of the lightweight tub, which could be drained at the same time, as well as the water discharge rate is doubled, saving the particular time of yours.

The lightweight bathtub has a spiral atmosphere valve on every floor for rapid inflation and deflation. A regular air valve future to it may be utilized to reinflate if required.

Repair Patch: A first-aid repair patch is included in case of a leak or a hole caused by accidental puncture or perhaps tear. This way, you can replace it free of charge.

Ideal for Family: The inflatable bathtub is durable and straightforward, allowing the family members to take a spa, bathe, unwind at home, and appreciate the tub’s convenience.

Naturally, you can also bring it with you when you’re camping outdoors, which means you can enjoy play and bathing.

2. XL Blue Color Inflatable Bathtub Plastic Portable Foldable Bathtub

Inflatable Bath Tub

Product description

Tub inflated dimensions:

Outer size (LxWxH): 160x120x60cm (64″x48″x24″)Inner size (LxWxH): 115x 80x58cm (46″x32″x23.2″)Material: PlasticPacking list: bathtub, electric air pump, water pipe

If You have a Dog, perhaps You will consider providing a Dog Bath Tub.

Foldable Dog Bath Tub

Filling and emptying your garden tub

Besides the cost and material of your back garden tub, you are likely to have to determine precisely where you would like the filler spout.

Although conventional tubs have a spout coming from the wall on one conclusion, backyard tubs wide open up an entire host of choices.

“The tub filler may be mounted in ways that are many, from the surface area of the bathtub deck, from a floor-mounted faucet, off the edge of a wall, or even from a spout coming from the ceiling,” Cummings says.

“All are functional and beautiful, based on the home and surrounding environment.”

You will also need to look at drain placement. Some garden tubs have a middle drain, which may mean sitting directly on the drain if you are in the middle. Others have a drain off to one edge.

One very last consideration? Purists say a gardening tub is just for soaking in h2o and has no bells and whistles like spa planes, lighting, or perhaps aromatherapy.

Nevertheless, in case you do crave these functions in your back garden bathtub, go right forward!

Garden tubs, like many house amenities, are actually intended to evolve with the times. Just about all that matters is that your backyard tub will help you do what it is meant to: relax.

Final Thoughts

The garden tub, a luxurious hallmark hailing from Europe, symbolizes relaxation and rejuvenation. With its variety of different shapes, it offers aesthetic appeal, fitting seamlessly whether in a mobile home or a spacious abode.

While the standard garden tub was traditionally crafted from cast iron, exuding vintage charm, today’s market presents options made from a medley of materials. High-quality materials like stone resin, fiberglass, and acrylic have become popular, blending durability with artistry.

Opting for such high-quality materials might seem like an investment initially, but in the long run, their durability pays off. However, the sheer pleasure of sinking into the warm embrace of a garden tub after an exhaustive day isn’t just about aesthetics.

The plumbing intricacies and a reliable water heater ensure a consistently enjoyable experience. As we cherish its serenity, it’s essential to underscore the blend of functionality and luxury a garden tub offers, exceptionally crafted with care and precision.