How to clean painting brushes and rollers?


How to clean painting brushes and rollers

Imagine you hire a team of painting specialists for your home project, and they come to the place on time, are fully equipped, and bursting with energy. Is there a better advertisement for a solid painting company?

Yes, there is – the one that comes with clean accessories. How to wash painting supplies to prevent them from damage?

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If you are among the group of the best painters in London, you probably want to keep your painting supplies usable for as long as it’s possible. The best way to operate with soft rollers and brushes is to keep them consistently damp.

It is not always that easy, especially when you need to take a longer break, but use this tip – wrap the brush in a damp towel (the paper one also comes in handy). This will help to maintain moisture, making it easier to use in a couple of minutes or hours.

How to wash paintbrushes properly

Well, the best method to do so is to wash them immediately after each use. However, it is not always possible when you work in a hurry and switch from one project to another during the day. Did you know that soap and water are not always the best solution for cleaning?

First of all, choose the right solvent. Different types of paints require different detergents and all-purpose cleaners are not a good idea. Sometimes you may need ammonia, some other time denatured alcohol (for shellacs), paint thinner (for oil-based paints) or simply a mixture of water and soap. Second of all, never wash your supplies in the sink.

There is always a risk of clogging the plumbing system. What is more, flammable paint in the drain is not a safe thing. Prepare a container instead, fill it with water or solvent, and take care of your brushes in a proper way.

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How to wash rollers

It is said that rollers can usually be used only once. However, if you want to save it for a future project, the cleaning job is an essential part to achieve a smooth application the next time. How to wash your rollers? Prepare a clean rolling pan and fill it with solvent. Immerse the roller in the pan to loosen up the paint.

If you use ammonia, wear gloves and a protective apron to protect your hand and clothes. Take the roller off the handle and massage the paint out. If necessary, use a putty knife to remove the paint and let the roller dry on a string.

That’s it! The roller will be perfect for your next project. Remember to keep it in a dust-free cabinet by storing the roller in a dry and clean place, covered with protecting material.

Hardened paint brushes

Did you find your painting supplies hardened like a rock? No worries, use the appropriate solvent and swirl the brush in the liquid in order to soften the paint. Need something stronger? Try vinegar – simmer it and put the brush in a liquid for at least 20 minutes, then wash with warm water.

Still not satisfied? Add some fabric softener to obtain soft bristles and rinse with clean water a few minutes later. Now you can start your next professional project with sparkling clean painting supplies.


Cleaning your brush is the most important thing you can do to ensure its longevity and performance. So be sure to spend some time cleaning your brushes and rollers after each painting session.

The key to cleaning your brushes and rollers is to use a brush soap or cleaning solution that is designed specifically for them. Paint solvents will break down the bristles of your brush over time, causing them to become less useful and more vulnerable to damage. This means that you should avoid using paint solvents on your brushes when possible.

If you follow these suggestions, you’ll be able to keep your brushes in good shape and get the most out of them over their lifetime.