How To Wrap Furniture For Moving: 3 Essential Items You Need


how to wrap furniture for moving

When moving furniture, it is essential to know how to wrap furniture for moving. It isn’t easy to keep furniture in good condition during a move. It can’t just be wrapped in layers of bubble wrap and tucked into a box with compartments. 

During transportation, large furniture pieces are exposed to the elements and other objects that may hit them. 

It is also costly to replace furniture if it is damaged beyond repair. A piece with the sentimental value could be devastating if it is destroyed.

It’s good news that you can wrap your furniture to protect it from damage. 

You are welcome to try these methods, even if professional movers more commonly use them. Please continue reading to find out how to do it.

Wrapping furniture for moving: what not to do

Getting the “don’ts” out of the way allows you to focus on the “dos.” 

The following should never be done:

  • Leaving dirt or dust on furniture is not a good idea. During the move, the particles will rub against surfaces and could damage them.
  • Don’t rely on luck to prevent damage to unprotected furniture areas. Every square inch of the surface should be wrapped.
  • When large pieces are fully assembled, wrap them. They may not fit through doors and other openings.
  • Wrapping your furniture should not be rushed. Make sure you start this task well in advance of the move.

For moving furniture, here is how to wrap furniture for moving

Bubble wrap won’t protect your furniture enough. Use plastic wrap and moving blankets instead.

A Plastic Wrapper

Plastic wrap, also called stretch wrap, is an adhesive material that stretches to protect large furniture pieces. Wear and tear are no problem with this packing item since it is tear-resistant. 

Plastic wrap is often used on furniture with doors and drawers to secure them and prevent them from opening and causing damage. 

It can also consolidate disassembled furniture pieces to prevent them from getting lost.

Plastic wrap sticks to itself, so no tape is needed. It’s like giant sheets of Saran Wrap, but for furniture. 

To wrap the furniture, you will need a second person – one to hold it while the other wraps it.

Moving Blankets

Moving blankets aren’t your average bedding, despite their name. Their purpose is to cushion and absorb shock for your items. 

Moving blankets are usually made with heavy-duty cloth and have interior cushions for protection. 

When transporting large furniture, doorways can be covered with moving blankets.

To avoid scratches and damage as you maneuver furniture through doorways, prop the blankets against the door frame or secure them with tape.

It’s not too difficult to cover your furniture with moving blankets. Make sure you have extra blankets on hand if one is not enough for each item.

Start by draping the moving blanket over the piece of furniture. Next, use a stretch wrap or packing tape to secure the blanket around the furniture. The piece is prepared to move once you have finished these two steps.

Wrapping furniture for moving may require additional items

Although they aren’t the primary tools for wrapping furniture for moving, they are still helpful.

 During your move, you may need the following items:

Dolly: Used to transport furniture from the truck to your home.

Packing tape: For securing plastic wrap and moving blankets.

Corrugated cardboard sheets: Used as an additional buffer during moving, especially for fragile items.

Sofa and mattress cover: Provide protection from the elements and prevent tears and rips.

The Best Plastic Stretch Wrap

International Plastics Co. 18″ Stretch Film/Wrap 66 Gauge 16 Micron 1200ft

18 inches wide, this heavy-duty plastic wrap is perfect for your heaviest furniture. The roll has a true 1,200-foot length and a 500 percent stretch capacity.

The strong seal is created by the stretch wrap adhering to itself. The adhesive is activated more as it stretches. There are single-roll packs and four roll packs of this plastic wrap available.

International Plastics Co. 18" Plastic Stretch Film/Wrap with handles 1200ft 500% Stretch Clear Cling Durable Adhering Packing Moving Packaging Heavy Duty Shrink Film (Clear, 4 Pack)
  • CONQUER MOVING DAY: Wrap, bundle, and secure all your belongings with ease using this 4 pack of 18" x 1200 ft stretch film with 3" core. Move with confidence knowing your items are protected!
  • EFFORTLESS PACKING & STORAGE: Ditch the messy tapes and frustrating twine! This stretch film conveniently wraps furniture, boxes, and more, leaving no residue behind. Perfect for space-saving storage too!
  • UNMATCHED VERSATILITY: This mini wrap is your one-stop solution for all your household wrapping needs. From furniture to fragile items, this strong and reliable film secures everything with ease.
  • STRETCH & SEAL: Featuring superior 500% stretch ability, this film clings to itself for a perfect seal, the more you stretch the tighter it grips! Unwrap with ease once you've reached your destination.
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR QUALITY: Made from high-grade American plastic, this wrap is transparent and long-lasting. No cloudiness or weakness from recycled materials, just reliable performance.

Gpack 20″ x 1100 FT 1 Roll – 65 Gauge Thick Stretch Moving & Packing Wrap

This self-adhering moving and packing wrap is ideal if you need an industrial-strength stretch wrap. In one roll, you get a generous 1,100 feet of the wrap.

Its premium pallet wrap adheres firmly to itself while allowing for clean removal. 65 gauge or 55 gauge are your options.

Gpack 20" x 1100 FT 1 Roll – 65 Gauge Thick Stretch Moving & Packing Wrap. Industrial Strength, Clear Plastic Pallet Shrink Wrap with Handle Ideal for Furniture, Boxes, (20inch x1100Ft 65Gauge)
  • STRETCH WRAP FILM IS ​PE​​RFECT FOR SAFELY COLLATING, BUNDLING AND SECURING ALL TYPES OF ITEMS: Whether you like to wrap furniture, boxes, objects featuring odd shapes or loads that are uneven and difficult to handle.
  • PLASTIC WRAPPING 100% CLEAN REMOVAL: Forget about shrink packaging pallet wraps which stick on your furniture causing damage or leave a residue on your items. This top notch stretch film pallet wrap clings to itself without leaving adhesives, assuring a 100% clean removal.
  • 01 ROLL OF 20 INCHES X 1100': Each roll features 1100 feet of moving plastic stretch film wrap! The fact that it is clear allows you to effortlessly keep track of what each package contains, helping you save time and turn moving into an easy task.
  • Boxes, Blankets and Shrink Wrap roll can not be missing in your moving, shipping and packing supplies

Best Moving Blankets

Sure-Max Moving & Packing Blanket – Pro Economy

These large moving blankets are made of virgin cotton batting that is thick and cushioned, with polyester binding.

The inner cushioning is kept in place by zigzag stitching, which provides consistent padding protection and extends the life of the pads.

Your furniture is protected on both sides while being wrapped and moved across floors. There are 12 blankets in this package, each measuring 80 by 72 inches.

Sure-Max Moving & Packing Blanket - Pro Economy - 80" x 72" (35 lb/dz weight) - Professional Quilted Shipping Furniture Pad Navy Blue and Black - 1 Blanket
  • Professional-grade: Oversized, 80" x 72" premium quality moving pad that provides exceptional damage protection from scratches, nicks, dirt, and moisture when moving or transporting furniture, appliances, and other valuable large items
  • Superior cushioning: Constructed with thick, padded virgin cotton batting with polyester binding, these packing blankets offer superior protection compared to most competitor's blankets made from inferior materials. Zig-zag stitching holds inner cushioning in place for consistent padding protection and prolonged pad life.
  • Durable: Weighing approximately 2-3/4 pounds apiece, these heavy-duty furniture blankets feature a reinforced double-lock stitched fabric with polyester binding that is highly resilient to tears and built-to-last
  • Multi-purpose: Ideal for both professional and do-it-yourself moving, these versatile, general purpose blankets are well suited for safe, breathable protection for items in storage, as well as protecting floors, car upholstery, and much more
  • Dual-sided: Quality, double-sided construction allows for added convenience and protection when securely wrapping up items or sliding furniture across floors

Moving Blanket for Protecting Furniture- Heavy Duty Recycled Cotton Padded Tarp

This quilted moving blanket can be used as a picnic blanket and for soundproofing, thanks to its quilted tarp design.

The blanket is made from recycled cotton padding, so you can feel good about protecting the environment.

Stalwart 75-MOV1001 Blanket-80x73.5in Heavy-Duty Reusable Quilted Furniture Pad or Drop Cloth with Recycled Cotton Filling-Moving Supplies, 1-Pack, Black/Blue
  • PADDED MOVING BLANKET - Protect your belongings and cut down on moving stress with the Stalwart 80-inch-long by 73.5-inch-wide packing blanket. Furniture moving just got a little easier thanks to this durable padded quilt.
  • SMART MULTIUSE DESIGN - The multipurpose padded blanket is handy during a move, and it also works as a drop cloth, furniture cover, or even as a travel blanket. Use it to cover furniture or radiators while painting or repurpose as a sound blanket.
  • STRONG MATERIALS - The quilted moving blanket features recycled cotton padding for superior cushioning, double stitching that holds up through continued use, and cloth-bound edges to help prevent fraying, for a shipping blanket with long-term durability.
  • SECURE PROTECTION - Use this thick, padded moving blanket to cushion and protect furniture or appliances during a move or keep it handy to pad shipping boxes. This thick moving pad will help prevent your items from being damaged or scratched.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS - Material: Woven Polyester and Recycled Cotton. Dimensions: (L) 80" x (W) 73.5". Includes: 1 Moving Pad. Color: Blue and Black.

The Best Dollies You Can Buy

Vergo Industrial 275 lb Capacity Folding Hand Truck Dolly Cart with Telescoping Handle

Aluminum and plastic make this heavy-duty dolly resistant to rust.

This hand truck is very portable because it only weighs 10 pounds and can be folded. This dolly is more expensive than other models, but it is made to last much longer.

Vergo Industrial Folding Hand Truck - 275 lb. Capacity Dolly Cart - No Assembly Required Hand Cart, Lightweight, Collapsible & Compact, Telescoping Handle Extends to 42.5 Inches
  • No Assembly Required - Vergo's hand truck is fully assembled and ready to use upon delivery. Just unfold the nose plate and use the red release button to extend the handle of the hand truck dolly.
  • Lightweight and Portable - Weighing just 10 pounds, this hand truck foldable product is perfect for home, office, or keeping in your car. The lightweight structure of the dolly hand truck makes it easy to carry and maneuver.
  • Collapsible and Compact - Our hand trucks feature a folding nose plate and nesting wheels, allowing the cart to fold flat. These dollies are great for saving space and can be unfolded in seconds.
  • Adjustable Handle - This folding hand truck dolly has a telescoping foam-padded handle that extends to a height of 42.5 inches. The handle locks into place where you want it, for secure and comfortable use.
  • Versatile and Efficient - This lightweight hand cart dolly can be used as a portable dolly for easy access anywhere it's needed. Its compact size makes it the practical choice among hand carts.

Harper Trucks PJDY2223AO Nylon Convertible Hand Truck

This dolly gives you flexibility because it can be used as a load platform or vertically. The weight restriction is substantial, especially considering the low cost. Stair climbers are an additional item sold with the Harper Trucks Nylon dolly

Harper Trucks PJDY2223AO Nylon Convertible Hand Truck
  • The product is 400LB Conv Hand Truck
  • Locking Construction Means No Hardware To Loosen Or Corrode
  • The product is manufactured in United States
  • 400-Pound horizontal capacity, 300-Pound vertical capacity
  • Converts in seconds from hand truck to 4-wheel dolly

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