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Pixiu is also known as the Piyao. It is a Chinese mythical creature that can bring good luck. The creature is a large, abstract, but powerful lion-like creature. It has the head and wings of a dragon.

Pixiu is considered loyal and faithful, so the symbol is a popular personal protector in traditional Feng Shui. You will find many amulets featuring Pixiu’s image, whether they be keychains or bracelets. Because of its power, it is believed to protect people from harm and ward off evil spirits. It can also bring good fortune, wealth, and ability to people.

It is also said that this mythical creature has a voracious hunger and eats gold, silver, and jewels. It does not have an anus, meaning it does not lose these riches but only brings them in.

It is, therefore, a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. It can increase a person’s income or bring in unexpected wealth. Pixiu symbols are used by many businesses to draw in money and luck.

The Story of the Pixiu

There are various Chinese legends explaining Pixiu mythology. Most believe the Pixiu was the youngest of 9 children conceived by the Dragon King. The Pixiu was reportedly in the palace once and defecated the whole floor of the castle.

Consequently, Jade’s Emperor sealed the bottom of the Pixius, but they did not excrete and had an even bigger accident. The Pixiu myth also describes eating precious gems, silver, and gold that never leave their bodies.

The Pixius, therefore, became the emblem of prosperity because of the way it accumulated riches.

Feng Shui: Pixiu (Piyao Symbol)

What does feng shui mean?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that combines buildings, objects, and spaces with their environments to create harmony. Feng Shui translates as ” the windway.

The language originated as early Taoism but is also popular today, spreading through China and even to the west. Pixiu statues in feng shui are usually made of jade or copper. 

Bracelets with the Pixiu symbol for personal use are a popular choice.

pixiu statue

These are five tips on how to use the Pixiu symbol in Feng Shui:

  1. Place a bracelet on your left hand when wearing it. According to feng-shui, the left hand is receptive, and the right is projective. The bracelet should be worn on your left wrist, which will help you receive wealth and good luck. If you had the bracelet on your right wrist, you would give away this fortune to others. Wear your bracelet with the Pixiu’s face facing outward to allow it to hunt for wealth and bring it back to you.
  2. Your Pixiu amulet should be worn consistently. This will strengthen your relationship with Pixiu and instill loyalty. While you’re sleeping, bathing, or meditating, take off your amulet.
  3. To “wake up” Pixiu, touch the symbol frequently. However, it is important not to touch its eyes or mouth as it will need wealth hunting. Others can also influence it, so don’t touch it.
  4. It would help if you did not place a Pixiu figure in your bedroom. It may negatively influence your sleep if it is facing your bed. You should also avoid placing a Pixiu sign in the bathroom or directly facing a mirror. A Pixiu figurine should not be placed above your head as it can dominate you and cause less loyalty.
  5. Display a pair of figurines to enhance the Pixiu’s ability to attract luck or prosperity to your mindful and peaceful home, office, or other places.

How to activate Pixiu?

There is something important about activating the Pixiu. First, it needs to be placed into a metal pot with gems and metal to feed it to learn how to seek wealth. This is recommended for all Chinese New year’s events, preferably before Chinese New Year’s Day.

Feng shui masters recommend that bracelets be positioned on your hands upward toward your little fingers. The ring is recommended for the middle fingers. And necklaces must face upward Pixius. Wearing jewelry in abundance is the best option. Pet the pixius to strengthen your relationship. 

How to Apply Pixiu for Feng Shui

Types of Pixiu

Brass, jade, or alternative semi-precious gem sculptures are the highly favored materials, as it associates a totem with abundance and wealth. Brass can draw in the metal component and is the color of gold. Jade is a cherished healing rock in Feng Shui, and it’s again the color of the wood component, which stimulates prosperity and life vitality.

Safeguard at Your Entry

Historically, the Chinese culture arranged these figures strategically to function as guardians for shrines and halls in antique eras. In the modern-day, shorter replicas of Pixiu can be found and utilized in the home to contribute to more abundance or look after the house.

We can arrange a pair of Pixiu on either position of the frontal door, expecting to support the occupants of the home secure and financially strong. 

Promote Your Prosperity Corner

You can install it in your property zone confronting toward the entrance so it can symbolically devour up and defend wealth and cash for the household. You can discover the abundance section of your home by staying in the frontal door, seeing in. The far-left intersection of the house is the corner linked to your success and affluence. 

Reliable Benefit for Your Desk

In Feng Shui, your desk and workspace illustrate your career. The portrayal of the Pixiu would be a supportive approach to strengthen the Feng Shui of your job to attract more wealth and exceptional luck.

You can install the Pixiu in the abundance corner of your desk or your workplace. The wealth corner is the top left corner on your desk. Here is how to locate this area for your office, stand in the doorway, looking in.

The far left corner of the office is your wealth space. Be confident to have the Pixiu watching the door, so it can capture any abundance and hold it secure for you.

Carry Pixiu Ornaments to Boost Your Qi

Feng Shui is not exclusively limited to houses but can further be employed in your body. We can utilize miniature figurines of the Pixiu as an ornament (as with a necklace) to harness the favorable luck and metaphor of the Pixiu.

Gold Pixiu with black bracelet

It’s desirable and straightforward to get the miniature versions of figures on bracelets engraved from semi-precious gems such as tiger’s eye, citrine, jade, and sometimes gold.

Care for Your Pixiu

You have to keep a close eye on Piyao. You should touch his body as often as you pet the dogs. It gives Piayao an understanding of his role at the top. Do not touch their noses — they’re used to acquiring money.

You can give them valuable food too. To make that happen, place an amulet in silver containers. Place some precious materials like coins or precious gemstones in this container.

Make sure to polish your lucky charms. Keep your Pixiu clean and healthy every time.

How should I remove the Pissiu?

If you prefer to move a Pixiu figure into your home, be decisive in paying attention to it properly, like a favorite pet. Have it polished, dust clear, and fresh. You can even display emotion and offer it a slight pat on the head as you move.

Who can’t wear Pixiu?

People lacking energy should not wear it. It is aimed at the elderly and young people. This is because creatures’ power could become overwhelming. If we lack strength physically, we may overpower our energies. However, an aging person who enjoys an active lifestyle or meditates can often control Piyao.

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