Shower Standing Handle: 3 Best Bathroom Grab Bars


The Ultimate Guide To Shower Standing Handles

Shower standing handle

The shower standing handle, otherwise known as the Bathroom grab bar should hinder fatal falls. They are bars hooked up to the wall that you can grasp for stability. Grab bars are generally equipped in shower or tub spaces where slippery floors can create a slipping risk.

Grab bars can likewise assist someone who gets a tough time getting up from a seating position on the toilet. These bars are supportive and should be capable to take the strain of the individual handling them.

We have brought together this shopping list to help you analyze shower standing handle models, and we’ve likewise added our top choices for the strongest grab bars on the market.

Our favorite is from Moen and can take up to 500 pounds – the most we’ve encountered on the market.

Factors When Choosing Bathroom Grab Bars


The shower standing handle can either be briefly or permanently equipped. Provisional grab bars usually have suction cups that catch strongly to smooth surfaces.

These bars commonly have moderate weight limits and do not come in the same range of dimensions as permanent grab bars.

However, they are cheap and straightforward to install. If you don’t feel you’ll require a grab bar long-term, provisional bars may be an appropriate alternative.

Permanently equipped bathroom grab bars give a high grade of security. Many can tolerate the pressure of up to 500 pounds when accordingly installed on the studs of your walls.

The detriment is that the installation will anchor holes in your tile or walls. You may further want to appoint a professional to secure these grab bars are installed properly.

Whether you prefer temporary or permanent grab bars, make certain you referred to the installation instructions meticulously. Minor changes, like installing a makeshift bar over a grout line, can make a distinction in the bar‘s safety.


The Americans with Defects Law demands that shower and restroom grab bars in communal bathrooms be at least 36 inches and equipped 33 to 36 inches off the floor.

While you are not obliged to adhere to the same regulations in your home, these evaluations can be an outstanding guidebook.

Longer bars are good for inside your shower area or if you are anxious about losing your foothold as you go around the bathroom.

Shortened grab bars are commonly installed vertically and should solely be used for aid when going in and departing the shower or bath or when rising up from the toilet.



A textured grab bar gives an extra layer of security against a wet hand sliding off the bar.


Thicker bathroom grab bars can be useful for individuals who have a tough time grasping them.

End Covers

End covers secure the screws from rusting and bring an extra finished presence to your shower standing handle by masking the installation.


A reasonable temporary shower standing handle will sell for between $10 and $15. This will very likely be a plastic bar and hook up with suction cups to the wall.

If you are considering a metal bar that can be permanently installed, predict to pay between $15 and $25, revolving around the length of the bar.

Longer bars are more costly. Bars with extra details like texturing or greater weight limits can sell for up to $40.


Q. Will one shower standing handle be sufficient for my bathroom?

A. You might invest over one bathroom grab bar. Two or three grab bars arranged horizontally, vertically, and at an angle will give optimal coverage for most bathrooms.

Q. How do I estimate the width that’s best for my hands?

A. Shower standing handles are between 1 1/4 and 1 1/2 inches in width. Thinner bars can be better for people with smaller hands. Thicker bars are better for people who have issues with grasping, which is typical when suffering from arthritis.

Bathroom Grab Bars, We Propose

Best of the best: Moen R8916 Home Care 16-Inch Grab Bar

Moen R8916 Home Care 16-Inch Grab Bar

Our take: This strong choice is economical and comes in several lengths to fit your bathroom area.

What we like: Bars can take up to 500 pounds. They have a stainless surface and can be equipped at an angle if needed.

What we dislike: You may require an extra hand to install this permanent bathroom grab bar.

Best Bang For Your Buck: AquaChase 2-Pack 17“ Suction Shower Grab Bar

AquaChase 2-Pack 17“ Suction Shower Grab Bar

Our take: These shower standing handles are a solid choice if you have temporary mobility limitations or visitors who may require the extra stability of a grab bar during their stay.

What we like: Simple to install. Suctions to any smooth surface. The color index confirms the bar is installed properly. Temporary, but can uphold up to 300 pounds.

What we dislike: It only comes in one length, which is on the limited side.

Choice 3: Franklin Brass Concealed Mount Shower Standing Handle

Franklin Brass Concealed Mount Shower Standing Handle


Our take: A quality bathroom grab bar that comes in a variety of finishes and lengths.

What we like: Simple installation. Has end covers to obscure screws. Can hold 500 pounds of pressure. Take from several finishes to match your alternative bathroom accessories.

What we dislike: Thinner than alternative grab bars, which may not be excellent if you have trouble grasping.

3 Places To Install Shower Standing Handle To Help Prevent Falls

When installing a shower standing handle for a loved one, check for places where they are most possible to lose stability by raising, lowering, or resting on one foot.

  • Tub/Shower – Place shower standing handle at a lower height to support bathers with lifting and lowering. A grab bar at the waistline or somewhat higher is excellent to help with stepping in and out of the tub, as well as to keep extra stability while washing and shampooing. To eradicate clutter, install a bar up higher and a Grabcessories Tub/Shower Valve Ring at the lower height.
  • Toilet – Install a grab bar on the wall near the toilet for aid when raising and lowering. For a more ornamental look, consider designated toilet paper holders specifically designed to double as safety bars.
  • Towel racks – A popular routine for seniors is to hang on to a towel rack while wiping off or leaning to take clothes. Ordinary towel racks aren’t constructed to hold the load of someone leaning on them and will slacken over time and ultimately disengage from the wall which could contribute to severe injury.

Install security towel bars and/or towel racks that are applicable in a collection of sizes, shapes, and colors to fit your bathroom area to provide needed assistance.


Security shower standing handle can be both practical and elegant. They will help restrict and lessen falls in the bathroom giving caretakers, household members, and users tranquility of mind.

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