Snow Shovel: Best Snow Shovels of 2021 Plus Thrower


Snow Shovel

Best Snow Shovels of 2021

Winter’s arrival is often equated with the return to snow. However, some may see flakes even though they technically still are in the fall.

Although it can conjure up cozy scenes with movies and fireplaces, it may also bring back memories of shoveling snow from your walkways and driveway.

Fortunately, the best snow shovels for you will be able to quickly complete the task so that you can enjoy your snow day by sitting in front of the fireplace.

A snow shovel can be used for almost any purpose. There are snow shovels for your car, collapsible models for on-the-go use, ergonomic styles for aiding your back, and many more.

The best time to purchase a snow shovel is before there is any snow. This way, you will be ready for when a blizzard hits.

To help you find the best snow shovel out of thousands of available models, here are the top eight options that Amazon shoppers can’t stop talking about. Whether you’re shopping for a shovel with wheels, a snow shovel for your roof, or a snow removal tool to clear your driveway, these picks have you covered.

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GreenWorks Pro 80V 20 Inch Cordless Snow Thrower

$225, AMAZON

With more than 11,700 perfect ratings, the double-handled GreenWorks Pro 80V 20-Inch Cordless Snow Thrower addresses a significant concern voiced by many shovelers.

“Now that I’ve used it a few times, this thing is the best snow thrower I’ve ever owned,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “I just received my thrower about a week ago and got a chance to try it today as we got about 6” of fresh snow (with more on the way), so when I came home, I decided to try it out.

This thing WANTS snow!!! It ate up the 6″ of snow in no time at all! I have a 2 level ramp (about 50′) and a 2 level wrap-around deck in the back of the house…about 40′. This thrower did it all in about 15 NON-back-breaking, easy minutes and only used 1 bar of juice.

I did not purchase this with the charger or battery as I already have a charger and smaller 80V battery from the GreenWorks Backpack leaf blower. Also, I bought a separate smaller battery as a spare.

As I used it, the thrower “plugged” in the discharge chute a couple of times. This was a snap to remedy: let go of the handle to stop operation and push the snow down through the chute. Did the two move start-up again, and off we went again. EASY!”

$179, AMAZON

For patios, sidewalks, and decks where there is an accumulation of snow, this electric snow shovel set is a good one to take into consideration. It functions similarly to the snowblower, pushing snow away from your path and will clean snow for an entire 22-minute period when charged. With a weight of only 11.7 pounds, it is light enough to be carried around. Sun Joe Cordless Snow Shovel helps relieve back pain and clear an area of 11 by 7 inches every time you push.

“I purchased this to clear snow off our second-story deck. I’m extremely pleased,” said one reviewer. “It blew the fluffy snow away quickly and ate through the heavier, deep snow impressively. The first battery [charge] lasted for almost the entire time. It will be a back-saver this winter! “

Yukon Charlie's Collapsible Shovel

Best Collapsible Snow Shovel: Yukon Charlie’s Collapsible Shovel

$32,99, AMAZON

The Yukon Charlie’s Collapsible Shovel is an excellent choice if your area is prone to snowstorms. The three-piece collapsible design allows you to switch between a 32-inch and a 25-inch shovel easily. It can be disassembled and stored in your car or backpack for easy transport.

One of more than 2,000 5-star reviewers wrote that “I have several of these shovels.” “One of these shovels has saved me from many Buffalo snowbanks and always stays in my car.” This is an excellent emergency shovel. When I go winter backpacking, I always have one of these. It’s lightweight and can be stored inside or outside of my backpack.

Snowplow Original Snow Pusher

$89.58, AMAZON

Add a snow pusher to your winter tool kit if you have a driveway to clear when it snows. The Snowplow Original Snow Pusher‘s 24-inch blade will allow you to clear snow from more significant swaths more quickly. Further, the steel-reinforced design increases “strength and rigidity,” while the wooden handle “absorbs shock well,” according to the brand.

“We live in Eastern Idaho, and we have already gotten a lot of use out of this snow pusher,” wrote one reviewer, who said the pusher “worked so well that I bought a second.” They continued, “It is super durable, and the snow falls off the blade, which helps with pushing a lot of snow. The handle is comfortable (I’m 5’9″) for my size, and it is lightweight for almost anyone to use.”

Lifeline Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel

$30.54, AMAZON

A tool that can quickly remove snow from your vehicle is essential to drive safely during and after snowfalls. Lifeline Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel has just under 2,000 perfect ratings. It is equipped to deal with all types of winter weather. The 1.2-pound tool can be used as a foam broom to remove snow from your car and the other half as an ice-scraper.

“With the Lifeline Aluminium Sport Utility Shovel, a few push-pull swipes, and a few pushes, my car is clear in under a minute…max,” said one happy reviewer. “I am not covered in snow, I’m not super agitated and late to work, and I’m not worried about getting a ticket for the small amount of snow on my roof. It’s wrong that so many people don’t know this! It’s a game-changer, and I intend to buy it for everyone on my Christmas wish list.”


CASL Brands Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Pusher

Best Snow Shovel with Wheels: CASL Brands Heavy-Duty Rolling Snow Pusher

$74,95, AMAZON

Another back-saving snow shovel to consider is the

CASL Brands Heavy-Duty Rolling Snow Pusher

Rather than solely being powered by your physical strength, the Snow pusher has the benefit of wheels, which, along with the bi-directional blade, makes it “50 percent more efficient than traditional snow shovels,” according to the brand. Snow pusher also states the contractor-trusted tool can push through thin layers of ice on walkways and driveways.

“Love everything about the CASL Snow pusher,” wrote a five-star reviewer. “I can easily clear sidewalks and driveways much faster than before and way faster than the neighbors. I enjoy shoveling so much now and have to stop shoveling the entire neighborhood.”

Best Roof Snow Shovel: Snow Joe SJBLZD-LED 4-In-1 Telescoping Snow Broom + Ice Scraper 

$17.99, AMAZON

Roof rakes prevent too much weight from sitting on your roof for an extended period, which can cause structural damage. The Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Roof Broom is up to the clearing challenge: Its lightweight aluminum handle can extend to 17 feet, allowing the 24-inch poly blade to clear effectively.

“This snow rake has a telescoping pole with built-in pins that hold the poles in the desired positions (adjustable). Not one time did it pull away… it worked flawlessly,” wrote a reviewer. “The outside pole (the one you hold on to) has a [rough] finish, and this gives you grip. This is a quality product from a known manufacturer.”

Best Snow Shovel for Seniors: Radius Garden 90111 18″ Poly Lightweight Snow Shovel with Back-Saving Fore-Grip

$39.99, AMAZON

Like other double-handle designs, the Radius Garden 90111 18″ Poly Lightweight Snow Shovel was created to prevent back injuries. It also features a steel shaft and an 18-inch blade. The easy-to-use shovel has picked up five-star ratings from more than 2,000 shoppers, including seniors who live in colder climates.

“I have other snow shovels, but this is my favorite,” one reviewer wrote. “Shoveling heavy snow at 6,000 feet at my age (78) is probably something I shouldn’t be doing.

The shovel is lightweight with a little scoop, which keeps me from lifting too large of a clump of snow. The extension handle makes it easy to toss the snow over my deck railing.

A friend came over to help me shovel yesterday and wanted to know where I got the shovel… He doesn’t know that I’m getting him one for a thank you gift.”