Solo Stove Surround Barrier: 1 Great Protective Barrier For Your Solo Stove Fire Pit


Solo Stove Surround 360

Solo Stove’s newest fire pit accessory Surround! Solo Stove Surround is a 360º protective barrier for your Solo Stove fire pit. Suitable for an added safety feature and a valuable and stylish table that won’t get hot while your fire is burning.

Peace Of Mind, All-Around

With its secure, fashionable 360° protective barrier that safeguards your loved ones and your fire pit, Surround is made of sturdy UV-resistant outdoor fabric and powder-coated steel. It turns your fire pit into a pleasant backyard centerpiece.

SOLO stove surround

Perfectly Perforated

The open tabletop design of Surround minimizes heat absorption and permits cool air to circulate freely around the fire pit. Surround transforms into a functional surface for plating s’mores and cool drinks by reducing heat transfer.

Lifetime Warranty

Backed by an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty and constructed with durable powder-coated steel and UV-resistant fabric barriers, you can be sure that your Surround is weather resistant and built to last.

Multi-Surface Feet

Surround is made for the terrain of the outdoors. Whether you have grass, gravel, concrete, or a wooden deck, Surround’s adjustable feet are durable enough to withstand wear and safe for sensitive surfaces.

Solo Surround legs

Easily Adaptable

Whether you own a Bonfire, Ranger, Yukon, or Canyon, Surround’s configurable support brackets ensure your fire pit is in the correct position for maximum enjoyment.

Surround FAQs

What Is Surround Made Of

Durable powder-coated steel was used to construct Surround’s frame, tabletop shelves, and bezel. The fabric barriers are composed of 600D polyester, UV and fire-resistant.

Although the powder-coated finish can be scuffed, it is pretty resilient. Don’t drag goods over the shelves to protect the surface.

Never stand, sit, or lean on Surround. The tabletop shelves may get damaged by excessive weight.

Will the Surround tabletop get hot while I have a fire going?

The perforated steel used in Surround’s table top helps reduce heat transfer from your fire pit to Surround.

The metal’s ability to absorb heat is lessened but not eliminated by perforations.

Due to its proximity to the fire, the Surround bezel may become hot under some circumstances, and the Surround shelves may feel warm.

Can I use my fire pit accessories with Surround?

Certainly! The surround was created to make your fire pit safer while letting you utilize your existing accessories.

Take advantage of the Roasting sticks, Shield, and Fire Pit Cooking System when sitting around the fire.

Use caution if using a Deflector because it will increase the temperature of the tabletop surface on your Surround. Only use the longer legs.

NOTICE: Surround should NOT be utilized with the Fire Pit Stand.

How do I clean Surround?

Before cleaning, always make sure your fire pit is thoroughly cool. Apply warm, soapy water all over. Don’t forget to dry it off right away.

Can I use Surround on a deck?

Solo Stove Fire Pits can be utilized without risk on a deck, but they require your attention and participation.

Your fire pit (Ranger 6.7″, Bonfire 5.5″, Yukon 4.9″, and Canyon 4.3″) will be elevated by Surround so that it is raised above the wooden or composite deck surfaces, reducing the amount of heat generated by the fire pit and reducing the risk of charring or ignition.

How long does it take to assemble?

Assembly usually takes around 20 minutes (it helps if you have a partner to assist).

Does Surround fit all fire pit sizes?

Surround is available in 2 sizes: small and large. The small size will accommodate both Bonfire and Ranger fire pits, while the large size will accommodate both the Yukon and Canyon*.

*Canyon (Yukon 30”) fire pits are sold exclusively in retail locations.

Is the Surround weatherproof?

Although the powder-coated surface of Surround is incredibly resilient and UV-resistant, you should avoid letting it sit in water or be covered in snow or ice for an extended period. When the Surround is not in use, a Solo Stove Surround Shelter is advised to protect the surfaces.

How do I remove my fire pit from Surround?

Ensure your fire pit is completely cool before attempting to remove it from the Surround. After removing the Surround Bezel, take out the fire pit.

To remove your fire pit from Surround, we advise using two people. A superb tool for this purpose is the Solo Stove Handle.

What size is the Canyon fire pit?

With a 27.25″ interior diameter, Canyon is the largest fire pit offered by Solo Stove and is only available from a small number of retail partners. Yukon 30 was the last name of Canyon, which has since been changed.

All Canyon accessories can be found here.

Final Thoughts

The Solo Stove Surround barrier represents the epitome of modern outdoor innovations, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics. Crafted from stainless steel, this fire pit surround is a heat deflector, ensuring that every camping trip or backyard gathering is warm and safe.

The solo stove fire pit surround tabletop offers a versatile surface, perfect for those good moments where cold drinks and snacks are essential to a cozy fire. Furthermore, the surround’s airy tabletop design is more than just an aesthetic feature; it represents an intelligent design decision, providing the perfect elevation for optimal combustion in your smokeless fire pit. Beyond its immediate functions, its durability is unquestionable, with its UV-resistant makeup ensuring longevity.

Whether it’s a solo stove fire pit or the bonfire surround, introducing new accessories like this ensures an enhanced Solo Stove experience. In summary, the Solo Stove Surround embodies a cozy backyard centerpiece, ensuring every fire-lit evening is an affair to remember.