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3 Best Solo Stoves In Test

Solo Stove

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Anyone hosting outdoor gatherings knows the joy of hanging around a fire pit. Solo Stove makes one of the most acceptable fire pits we’ve tested.

A smokeless fire pit such as Solo Stove is an excellent choice if you enjoy campfires but detest coughing up a smoke whenever the wind changes.

For that reason, I purchased one, and after using it for nine months, I discovered that the Yukon model I tried had many advantages (as well as some disadvantages).


The Solo Stove Yukon encourages airflow, resulting in less smoke and a more effective burn.

The fire pit’s low oxygen levels and the rising hot air produced by the fire draw air through the bottom vents, increasing the oxygen present.

The atmosphere is drawn up through holes at the pit’s top and bottom. 


There are three sizes for the Solo Stove. If you want a permanent fire pit, I’d suggest the Yukon because it’s the largest.

Only logs up to 16 inches in length can fit in the medium version, dubbed the Bonfire.

The Ranger, which is the smallest size, is an excellent choice when looking for a portable fire pit. Its dimensions are 15 inches wide, 12.5 inches tall, and 15 pounds.

Solo Stove Accessories 

You should take into account two essential Solo Stove accessories. The first is a rain tarp that they refer to as Shelters.

The Solo Stove Stand, the second attachment, elevates the fire pit so you may use it on surfaces sensitive to heat, like a deck.

Testing Stove

For the first seven months, I burned hardwood logs that had been dried out. When used in those circumstances, it delivered on its promise. There wasn’t much smoke, and since it burns so well, there isn’t much ash or other waste to remove.

I ran several tests to address people’s frequently asked issues and worries about Solo Stoves. The smokeless claims were first put to the test.

If you’re using seasoned firewood, there will be smoke when the fire starts, but there won’t be any once it gets going. There will then be some smoke when the fire goes out.

The Solo Stove keeps its word and performs well. It offers a fire experience without smoke. However, I wanted to go above and above and create some smoke with green wood and leaves.

That combination made a hazy fire, although it was short-lived. The Solo Stove burns so efficiently that it produces little smoke, immediately turning the leaves to ash and burning the greenwood.

Does the exterior of the Solo Stove become warm? I also wanted to know the answer to this question. A fire that I ignited was allowed to burn for thirty minutes.

The temperature outside the Solo Stove was then measured with a laser thermometer. The bottom of the Stove remained chilly at about 70 degrees, while the middle of the Stove reached about 120 degrees.

The temperature soared to 230 degrees at the Stove’s top. As a result, it is best to refrain from touching the stovetop when a fire is present.

The Solo Stove’s ease of use was tested in the following experiment. The grate from my charcoal grill worked perfectly with the Solo Stove, so I utilized it.

I tried cooking at both ends of the fire by boiling water and toasting bread. Spectrum: fire and elegance.

I discovered that using the single Stove was similar to using a fire pit. Though it requires skill, it is highly possible, especially if you cook over coals instead of flames by first burning down wood to coals.

How did the Solo Stove perform outside for eight months? Pretty well, in fact. I’ve used the rain cover to store my Solo Stove outside.

The rain cover doesn’t look fantastic, but the Stove still appears brand new. The rain cover is only dusty; there are no tears in it.

Hi Flame Bonfire Firepit

The Bonfire firepit is a 32-inch circular gas fire vessel designed by Hi Flame.

The Bonfire is built from durable 304 stainless steel and is designed to be placed within a non-combustible enclosure.

Stainless steel double walls maximize the airflow and burning efficiency of the HiFlame bonfire stove fire pit.

In the bottom of the stove, hidden vent holes allow oxygen to feed the fire from below, while warm oxygen is channeled up between the stove wall and back into the fire, reducing smoke.

A variety of topping media, a refractory cement log set, and an optional 304 brushed stainless steel cover are available with this natural gas fire pit.

Homeowners can create a one-of-a-kind fire feature that reflects their unique taste and style and enhances their enjoyment of time outdoors with the Bonfire.

What It Does Best

The Solo Stove fire pit doesn’t put out much smoke. You can enjoy a campfire without the accompanying coughing and eye-watering that come with smokey fires.

Additionally, since there is only a tiny amount of white ash at the bottom, cleaning up is simple after a fire has been enjoyed.

What It Does Worst

The Solo Stove’s primary drawback is its price. It is not inexpensive; it costs about $500. A fire ring can be constructed for a lot less money, but the Solo

Similar products to Breeo in the smokeless market include Stove.

The Solo Stove burns wood effectively, which makes it so effective, but it also means you’ll consume more wood overall.

The Solo Stove’s inability to accommodate considerable amounts of wood is another drawback. Only logs 22 inches or shorter may be used. 

When processing, chop the firewood short to fit into the Stove.


Q: Is it possible to cook on the Solo Stove Bonfire?

The Solo Stove Bonfire is primarily a fire pit, though you can cook with it. A specific grilling kit is also available from Solo Stove.

Q: Can you set a Solo Stove on a patio or other surface without damaging anything?

If you utilize the fire pit stand, a separate accessory, you can install a Solo Stove on a patio or deck.

Q: Does the Solo Stove put out no smoke at all?

As you start your fire, there will be some smoke, but there won’t be much after it goes.

Solo Stove Models, We Tested


1. Solo Stove Yukon 2.0


Solo Stove Yukon
Solo Stove Yukon

BUY on Amazon: Price $499.99

2. Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 with Stand

Solo Stove Bonfire
Solo Stove Bonfire

BUY on Amazon: Price $344,99

3. Solo Stove Ranger 2.0 with Stand

Solo Stove Ranger
Solo Stove Ranger

BUY on Amazon: Price $264,99

Final Thoughts on the Solo Stove

Solo Stove has proven to be an exceptional brand in the market of wood-burning fire pits. Its double-wall design with efficient burn and minimal smoke has made it stand out from other fire pits in the market.

The removable ash pan, secondary burn, and continuous supply of more oxygen have made the Solo Stove fire pits more efficient and easier to clean. The Solo Stove fire pits have been tested for high temperatures and are weather-resistant, making them a perfect addition to any backyard setup or camping trip.

Customers have been extremely pleased with the smaller version, which is also portable, lightweight, and easy to assemble. With the ability to accommodate a few marshmallows, warmth, and a fun atmosphere around the fire, Solo Stove has created a product that is supposed to protect the user from dirty, burnt, or smelly clothes.

Unlike other fire pits, the Solo Stove fire pits have a sturdy and sleek design, making it a perfect fit for any setting, whether on the ground or a stand. The Solo Stove fire pits promise an unmatched performance, which has been reviewed positively by campers, wanderers, and families alike.

The Solo Stove fire pits make making s’mores, pizza, and toasting marshmallows a breeze. Solo Stove has also provided clear instructions on using and cleaning the fire pits, ensuring everyone can enjoy the product safely.

In short, Solo Stove’s promise of a smokeless, efficient, and easy-to-use fire pit has been tested and proven. It has become a top choice for a high-quality, durable, and enjoyable fire pit.

Additionally, Solo Stove’s vent holes, bottom vents, and grate have elevated the experience of sitting around the fire. The heat, flames, and coals provide a perfect setting for outdoor gatherings on a patio or deck.

Solo Stove has also designed its fire pits to accommodate different sizes of logs, which allows for more efficient burning and a continuous supply of warmth. The Solo Stove Ranger and Yukon sets are perfect for those who want a bigger fire pit for their backyard or camping trips.

These larger fire pits have been tested and designed to create a warm atmosphere and unite people.

Moreover, Solo Stove’s commitment to quality and durability is evident in constructing their fire pits. The stainless steel material used in the Solo Stove Bonfire and other Solo Stove models ensures the product lasts longer and can withstand different weather conditions.

The Solo Stove Bonfire and other models have been tested to burn efficiently, even in rainy conditions. With Solo Stove’s accessories, such as its stand and carry bag, the fire pit is easily portable and can be taken anywhere.

Solo Stove’s commitment to providing a quality, efficient, and enjoyable fire pit experience is unmatched. Their fire pits are built to last and provide a warm and fun atmosphere for families and friends.

Solo Stove has revolutionized the fire pit industry with its smokeless technology and efficient burn, making it the perfect addition to any backyard or camping setup. Their customer service and helpfulness have also been highly rated by customers, making it a brand they can trust.

Word of A Happy Customer

The Solo Stove, a high-heat, wood-burning fire pit, is genuinely an excellent purchase for those who appreciate a smokeless fire, creating the good moments that life is all about.

Sharing a review on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can attest that it produces very little smoke and ash, making it a more enjoyable experience for the family, whether roasting marshmallows or cooking pizzas in the bonus pizza ovens.

The review states that the Solo Stove offers a range of sizes that cater to different needs and can be stored easily in a nylon carrying case. The stove’s weight and compact design make it a valuable tool for any outdoor adventure.

Despite being pricier than your average permanent fire pit, its lack of reliance on propane fuel, reducing damage to heat-sensitive surfaces, and its ability to work on wood alone make it worth the price.

The company has an accurate site, offers free returns, ensures customer satisfaction, and has an efficient shipping system that delivers the product in record time. By May-23, after waiting eagerly for the stove, my wife and I decided to put it to the test on a fantastic, crisp night.

We placed it at the center of our outdoor table, and it was love at first light. As we sat around the fire pit, enjoying the smoke-free fire, it was evident how much hotter yet smokeless it was compared to our old pit.

Furthermore, the Solo Stove held plenty of sticks for the fire, and with very little ash produced, it was easy to handle and clean. We read the instructions post-purchase, finding them to be clear and helpful.

The cons, albeit few, are the price and the need to ensure the base is on a non-heat-sensitive surface. But the pros outweigh them – it’s smokeless, easy to handle, and creates more heat with less wood.

What happened next was excellent – we enjoyed the warmth, roasted marshmallows, and even managed to boil water for tea. I couldn’t help but share a review and recommend it to our friends. It became the cool new thing in our social circle, bringing warmth to our cold nights. Sure, it’s an expensive investment, but one we won’t regret buying.

The Solo Stove has changed how we live our nights, offering a touch of adventure and a sense of shelter right in our backyard. Our family wouldn’t trade these nights by the fire for anything else – and we can’t wait to see what the Solo Stove company will deliver next.