The 5 Benefits & Value of Gardening as a Hobby


Gardening as a Hobby

Many people see gardening as their favorite hobby because of the rewards it brings them. Gardening allows you to raise plants and even bear the fruit of your labor. Now, the amount you will spend tending to your garden depends on the garden’s size. It also depends on the number of plants you’re growing.

Let’s see what 5 Benefits Are Valuable

1. The Heart Becomes Stronger than Before

You will be surprised to know that the heart gets into better health via gardening. There have been research studies by scientists who were curious about how gardening positively affects heart health.

After some time, a study was done by the British Journal of Sports. The researchers found out that by doing gardening, you do a moderate level of exercise. This meant that moderate-intensity physical activity like gardening reduced the chances of getting a heart attack by 30%.

The study was especially true for people aged 60 and above. Gardening is an exercise that’s convenient and easy to do. Also, due to its moderate nature, it is low impact.

2. Boost in Self-Esteem

Success brings a positive attitude toward life and a sense of self-esteem. When you have successfully raised a beautiful garden, it gives you confidence in your abilities. You watch your gardening efforts bearing fruit and feel great.

Now, you may want to boost your self-esteem and confidence further. You can do that by introducing a few or a range of new plants and taking them as a challenge to nurture. As a jumpstart, try something new you’ve never tried before – like a vine plant or fruit tree.

3. A Stress-Relieving Activity

Mother nature has provided us with the gift of soil that already has rich vitamins and minerals in it. On the ground, research studies show that there’s a bacteria known as Mycobacterium. This bacteria is known for its stress-relieving and anti-depressing properties.

Although there are many ways people like to relieve their stress with a hobby, sports hobbies such as jogging and walking, and entertainment hobbies like playing video games, online casino games, socializing online, going to the movies, etc., have a good impact on getting stress relief. 

However, by planting beautiful scent-exuding plants, you can treat your senses and feel great. Scented plants like lavenders and others have specific therapeutic properties that greatly refresh the mind. 

4. Lower Carbon Footprint is Achieved

Another great thing about gardening as a hobby is that it helps save the planet. Contribution to saving the earth matters a lot, no matter how big or small the donation. You decrease your carbon footprint by growing foods in your garden, such as tomatoes and green vegetables.

By getting the supply of vegetables from your backyard plantation. You will spend less and less money on pre-packaged groceries. Also, this lowers the amount of vegetables that need to be transported to the market – thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

Currently, the food industry emits 26% carbon dioxide (CO2) waste across the globe. And this waste happens when the food is transported in supply vehicles to the markets. So, the more people start growing veggies in their homes, the better it is for reducing carbon footprint.

5. Better Hand Strength

Now, this is also a big one. With gardening, one gets to improve their hand agility. Also, an increase in hand strength is achieved. You can see it as one of the most essential gardening benefits, especially when discussing health in old age.

Seniors are often met with the problem of lack of physical activity. In old age, people start to see their physical vigor diminishing. Whether you are an old-age person living alone or staying at a nursing home, you should begin gardening as soon as possible.

Also, the great thing is that many nursing homes offer gardening activities to their old age members. In Particular, stroke patients benefit significantly from such gardening programs at nursing homes. This way, seniors can regain their lost strength and start living better and healthier lives.