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Milan is an experienced gardener passionate about creating sustainable, beautiful landscapes. With over 30 years of experience, Milan believes gardens are more than just aesthetics; they’re ecosystems teeming with life and potential. From urban balconies to sprawling estates, Milan offers expert guidance and hands-on assistance to bring your gardening vision to life. Milan is the proud recipient of the Golden Thumb Award for consistently cultivating prize-winning vegetables and stunning blooms. As a yield champion, Milan has produced record harvests from the veggie patch, proving that size truly does matter. Known as the plant whisperer. Milan has revived struggling plants back to life with gentle care and intuition. Look no further for professional gardening tips and a touch of Milan’s unique expertise.
Rose of Sharon

12 Rose Of Sharon Hibiscus Varieties for Your Great Garden

Rose of Sharon The Rose of Sharon belongs among the most beautiful hot-weather plants. We don't see enough of the rose of Sharon because we have a deep prejudice against deciduous plants. Los Angeles residents...

Begonias: 10 Easy Steps To Start Begonias Indoors

Begonias The range of begonias now available is impressive. There are rich reds like 'Carnation Crimson' and 'Camellia Scarlet.' Striking two- tones like 'Calypso' and 'Petticoat.' And novel hybrids like 'Daffodil Salmon' and 'Picotee Rosebud.' So...

Periwinkle Grow And Care Tips Plus 1 Extra Madagascar Periwinkle Variety

Periwinkle Periwinkle, also known as vinca, is a tropical perennial that is often grown as an annual. It will flower when only a few inches tall and then grow and bloom until the first frost. The shrubby...

Coleus Growing Information And Care Tips

Coleus Information Coleus belongs to the genus of herbaceous tropical plants, with most of our cultivated species originating in Southeast Asia, Java, and Malaysia. It falls into the mint family, along with nettles and other...
Firewood near me

Firewood Near Me: How To Find Firewood Quick

Firewood Near Me Are you looking for the lowest prices on firewood? Often person asks how to find firewood near me. It would help if you first understand your local rules and laws about firewood. Ten...

Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily) Essential Growing Tips

Alstroemeria Alstroemeria is commonly referred to as the Peruvian Lily or St. Martin's flower. They were named after Klas Alstroemer, who introduced these plants into cultivation in Europe in 1754. Once considered a subdivision of...
Redbud Tree

Redbud Tree Planting and 6 Free Care Tips

Redbud Tree Redbud trees are relatively small trees with spreading branches and small, short trunks. It is a popular ornamental tree in the mountains. The tree is among the earliest flowering trees, adding color to...

Anthurium Info On Growing In The Garden Or Home

Anthurium Information on Anthurium Anthurium can grow to 12-18 inches in height. Each stem is topped by a bright red, palette-shaped flower. The tail grows from the center and has a long, buff tail.  Although anthuriums were once...

Delphinium Flowers Care And 6 Clear Growing Tips

Delphinium  One of the most eye-catching of all perennials is the stately delphinium. They add height and stature to all but the smallest perennial or mixed border. In blue, lavender, or white, their pale flowers...
Zero Gravity Chair

5 Awesome Zero Gravity Chairs of 2021

The 5 Awesome Zero Gravity Chairs of 2021 Boost your comfort level up a notch with these favorite Selection Zero Gravity Chairs research, test, and recommend the best products. Here You can find the selection of...