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Mulberry Tree

Mulberry Tree: History And 4 Health Benefits

Mulberry Tree Mulberry Tree, from the steppes of Central Asia and the mountain ranges of eastern China, mulberries traveled to Europe and the United States, bringing luscious dark fruits and priceless silks. The common mulberry tree...
Cyrtomium falcatum

Holly Fern: Growing And General Information

Holly Fern Holly fern is a handsome, cold-hardy plant that deserves more use in Central Florida landscapes. This Asian fern (Cyrtomium falcatum) grows up to 30 inches tall and 48 inches wide in the moderate-to-deep...
Coconut Tree

Coconut Tree Growing From Store Bought Coconut, 6 Easy Steps

Coconut Tree Can I grow a coconut tree from a store-bought coconut if I plant it just right? You people just never run out of things to wonder about, do you? That's OK with me. I...

Cumquats – Interesting Facts About Kumquats

Cumquats Cumquats are somewhat slow, compact-growing trees that may reach up to 3m in height. They are phenomenally ornamental, with rich, glossy green leaves dotted with colorful fruits and aromatic whitish flowers in the backyard. The cumquat...
Rose of Sharon

12 Rose Of Sharon Hibiscus Varieties for Your Great Garden

Rose of Sharon The Rose of Sharon belongs among the most beautiful hot-weather plants. We don't see enough of the rose of Sharon because we have a deep prejudice against deciduous plants. Los Angeles residents...
Golden Euonymous

Golden Euonymous Grow And 3 Essential Care Tips

Golden Euonymous Golden euonymous shrubs, Euonymus japonicus ('Aureomarginatus'), can add color and texture to your garden. This evergreen has a forest-green color and is trimmed in bright yellow. It's an excellent choice for accent plants or...
Crown Vetch

Crown Vetch – Tips For Growing Crown Vetch

Crown Vetch If you want to plant crown vetch, spring is the time to do so. A member of the legume (pea) family, crown vetch is a perennial ground cover. It offers fine-textured foliage in...
Camphor Tree

Camphor Tree (Cinnamomum camphora) Info

Camphor Tree (Cinnamomum camphora) Camphor trees in the landscape grow huge, very fast, making some homeowners happy, others uncomfortable. Camphor Tree Height Camphor trees are slow-growing evergreen trees reaching up to 50 feet or 15m tall.  They...
Pepino Melon

Pepino Melon: Solanum Muricatum Plant

Pepino Melon, also called melon-pear, is native to the Anden regions of South America and is an ancient crop. Otherwise known as Pepino Dulce, or sweet cucumber in the Spanish language, the Pepino flips from...
Thryallis Shrub

Thryallis Shrub – How to Grow Thryallis Shrubs

Thryallis Shrub  If you’re looking for year-round blooms and an ornamental shrub for your sub-tropical garden, look no further than the low-maintenance and gorgeous thryallis. With just a little thryallis plant info, you can quickly...