Jasmine Growing And 4 Best Buys You Can Plant In Your Backyard

Jasmine - Botanical Name: Jasminum Nudiflorum Jasmine is a fast-growing tough, reliable, hardy ornamental shrub that is drought tolerant and will grow in poor soils. I believe it is underused in today's landscapes. This low-growing (3 to...
Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy and Toxic Oak: 5 Questions To Ask Your Doctor

Poison Ivy and Toxic Oak Explanation Poison ivy and toxic oak are plants that induce an allergic skin backlash in most exposed individuals. Demographics About 85% of the community is hypersensitive to the urushiol oil discovered in poison...
Pomegranate tree

Pomegranate Tree History And 5 Easy Steps To Plant It

Pomegranate Tree Pomegranate Tree, Punica Granatum, also known by the name pomegranate. The Punica granatum is part of the Punicaceae family. This little semi-deciduous plant is steeped in romance and history. The pomegranate fruit is a fleshy...
Bay Laurel

Bay Laurel Grow and Care Tips

Bay Laurel Tree The leaves of bay laurel are quite recognized for their usage as a kitchen spice, but bay laurel is an evergreen shrubbery or tree native to the Mediterranean zone. It has broad,...

Podocarpus Plant: Find Out More On Amazing Podocarpus Yew Pine Trees

Podocarpus Plant Among exotic conifers found in local landscapes are podocarpus and weeping podocarpus, Norfolk Island pine and other Araucaria species, Japanese plum yew, arborvitae, Arizona, and Italian cypresses, and, finally, tree, shrub, and groundcover...
Eastern Redbud

Eastern Redbud 1 Amazing Harbinger Of Spring

Eastern Redbud Tree While the term "eastern redbud" conjures up images of it growing across the eastern seaboard The native tree is cold-hardy in zones 4-9, covering all gardening climates across In the past the landscaping...
Ming Aralia

Ming Aralia (Polyscias fruticosa) Care And Maintenance

Ming Aralia (Polyscias fruticosa) The native to the tropical regions in India in the tropics of India and Polynesia, Ming aralia is an intriguing and exotic houseplant that technically is an evergreen plant.  Although it's a...
Chinese Fringe Tree

Amazing Chinese Fringe Tree Information Plus Care Tips

Amazing Chinese Fringe Tree Chinese fringe tree (Chionanthus Retusus) is a species that, together alongside the dogwood kousa, extends the blooming season to the latter part of April or May. The fringe tree can attain an...

Chojuro And 20 Delicious Wonderful Asian Pear Varieties

Chojuro And Other Asian Pear Varieties *Hosui ("abundant juice"). Large round russet pear is exceptionally tender, sweet, and aromatic once it is ripe. It was introduced in Japan around 1972. It was derived from an intercross created...
crepe myrtle

Crepe Myrtle Pruning And 1 Winter Care Essential Tips

Crepe Myrtles Crepe myrtles, which are native to East Asia, can grow in almost any climate. Crepe myrtles are frost-tolerant, but they can also tolerate heat and are drought-tolerant once established. They are known for...