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How To Grow Illusive Groundnuts In Gardens

Tasty and Ready to Harvest Groundnuts, Apios americana, also known as Indian potatoes, wild beans, and hopniss, have a long history in the east. They were an important part of the diets of both Native...
pampas grass

Pampas Grass: Plus 8 Extra Easy Grasses

Pampas Grass And Other Grasses Prized or despised, pampas grass must be one of the most misused and misunderstood grasses we grow. I don't know why, as They are evergreen, look dramatic, and require little care...
soil for avocado trees

Perfect Soil for Avocado Trees Growing in 2023

Learn about the best types of soil for avocado trees and how to prepare and care for them to ensure optimal growth and fruit production. Discover tips for planting, watering, fertilizing, pruning, and pest...
Fountain Grass (Pennisetum setaceum)

Fountain Grass Plus 20 Great Varieties

Fountain Grass Fountain grass's resistance to being mowed is evident in the appearance of ragged, tan lawn blades. This makes it easy to identify. This plant is not easy to cut with sharp mower blades. Pennisetums, native...
Miscanthus sinensis

Miscanthus Sinensis: The Monarch Of Grasses

Miscanthus Sinensis Miscanthus Sinensis is the monarch of grasses, lending grace and grandeur to any garden; while we're on the subject of garden pests, the chopped-up leaves of most ornamental grasses, including Miscanthus, are useful...

Creeping Thyme – 5 Easy Creeping Plants

Facts about Creeping Thyme Creeping Thyme, also called Mother of Thyme, is the ideal plant for growing small crevices, borders, lawn substitutes, and between nooks and crannies. Thymus praecox is a low-growing perennial thrives in USDA hardiness...

Euphorbia Plant: 8 Amazing Euphorbia Plants For Borders

Euphorbia Plant Euphorbias are guaranteed to add zest to borders and pots with their brilliant blooms in 1 shade of lime-green, yellow, and orange appearing in spring. Many also have evergreen leaves offering unique structure all...
Growing Pistachio Trees

Growing Pistachio Trees: Essential Tips for Healthy Growth

Growing pistachio trees offers several benefits. They are a high-value crop with increasing demand, providing a profitable investment. Additionally, pistachio trees have a long lifespan, require less water usage than other tree crops, and...
Rose of Sharon

12 Rose Of Sharon Hibiscus Varieties for Your Great Garden

Rose of Sharon The Rose of Sharon belongs among the most beautiful hot-weather plants. We don't see enough of the rose of Sharon because we have a deep prejudice against deciduous plants. Los Angeles residents...
Protective Garden

Protective Garden: 6 Plants as Natural Pollution-Busters

Protective Garden Our gardens can help protect us from air pollution and allergens and filter or mask intrusive noise. Plants are constantly hard at work, shielding us from noise and pollution and improving our environment. Trees...