How To Plant Tomato Seeds In 3 Easy Steps


How To Plant Tomato Seeds

How To Plant Tomato Seeds

HOME-GROWN TOMATOES are hard to beat, and now’s the time to sow them, so the plants have plenty of time to grow and produce a good crop that ripens fully.

Here are 3 easy steps on How To Plant Tomato Seeds

Sow the seeds on a warm, bright windowsill or in a greenhouse, and they should
germinate within two weeks.

When the seedlings are around 3cm tall, transplant them into slightly larger pots of most multi-purpose compost.

Please return them to the windowsill or greenhouse, uncovered, and keep potting on into larger pots as they grow.

Plant them into their final position by late May – choose a sunny, sheltered spot outside or keep them in the greenhouse, planted in a growing bag, large pot, or border.

With cordon varieties such as ‘Super Sweet 100’, you’ll need to stake the plants, as they
can reach over 2m tall and pinch out the side shoots.

As soon as the flowers appear, apply tomato feed fortnightly, and always keep the plants well-watered.

  1. Fill a modular seed tray or several small 7cm pots with good-quality seed compost.Step 1

Water well using a watering can with a fine hose to fully dampen the compost
without compacting it.




2. Position one seed on the compost’s surface in the center of each module or pot.

Step 2

There’s no need to push the seeds deeper into the compost – leave them sitting on the surface.








3. Sprinkle a little sieved compost over the seeds – just enough to cover them.

Step 3

Label, then place the tray in a propagator or cover it twith clear plastic and put it ina
sunny spot indoors to germinate.









That is it, Folks!  Easy and Quick Steps on How To Plant Tomato Seeds



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