Stihl Vs Husqvarna: 7 Untold Differences Between Stihl And Husqvarna Chainsaw


Stihl Vs Husqvarna

Stihl Vs Husqvarna Chainsaw

The main difference between Stihl vs. Husqvarna Chainsaw is the cutting speed; Husqvarna cuts faster than Stihl.

It can be challenging with so many incredible power tool manufacturers to choose from. After all, while some brands may produce similar tools, they may target specific markets and experience levels.

If you still have doubts about how Stihl chainsaws measure to Husqvarna chainsaws, this is the report you need!

While ordinary people prefer Stihl chainsaws for home use, specialists choose Husqvarna.

Husqvarna chainsaws cut faster and have more extensive warranties, but they are more expensive.

Stihl products are less pricey and simpler to manage.

Modern safety switches are employed in both Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws.

If you’re experiencing trouble comparing these two fantastic chainsaw brands, we’re here to help! First, we’ll study chainsaws from Stihl and Husqvarna.

After that, we’ll give you an analysis of these two brands. Eventually, we’ll go over the points to look at when buying a chainsaw.

Stihl Vs Husqvarna

How Do Stihl Chainsaws and Husqvarna Chainsaws Compare?

After going over the following points, you should better understand which chainsaw brand is best for your needs.

1: Husqvarna Chainsaws Are Established To Cut More Rapidly

Finally, both Husqvarna and Stihl manufacture chainsaws of various types and sizes. The results are naturally incomplete when comparing the cutting speed of a corded-electric Husqvarna chainsaw to that of a gas-powered Stihl chainsaw.

The factors discussed in the first section of this article will largely determine your cutting speed.

When chainsaws with similar specifications from both brands are compared, woodworkers generally agree that Husqvarna’s chainsaws cut faster and are more fuel-efficient than Stihl’s.

If you’re looking for a model that will allow you to make clean cuts faster, look into Husqvarna’s chainsaws.

2: Stihl Chainsaws Have Stronger Engines

Stihl chainsaws are well-known for their superior engine power compared to other chainsaw brands. When comparing the horsepower per engine size of Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaw models, consumers will notice that Stihl engines offer more horsepower than Husqvarna chainsaw models.

However, despite having more engine power, Stihl’s chainsaws are not as fast as Husqvarna models. Many buyers will benefit from the extra power of a Stihl chainsaw for tougher cuts.

3: Husqvarna chainsaws are safer to use

In terms of safety, all chainsaws must meet specific standards. An all-in-one safety switch is used by both Husqvarna and Stihl chainsaws.

Both brands’ chainsaws meet the required safety standards thanks to these safety mechanisms. On the other hand, which has the better all-in-one safety switch for maximum protection?

Users of Stihl chainsaws can turn off their chainsaws by moving their thumb upwards. This switch, however, is inversed on Husqvarna chainsaws, and users must move their thumb downwards to turn off the chainsaw.

While both all-in-one safety switches provide adequate protection, users prefer Husqvarna’s switch because it feels more natural.

4: Stihl Chainsaws Are Less Expensive

On average, Stihl chainsaws are less expensive and more affordable than Husqvarna chainsaws. In most cases, the price difference is due to design specifications.

The guide bars and fuel tanks on Stihl chainsaw models are typically smaller, for starters. Additionally, Stihl chainsaws use plastic crankcases.

Stihl’s selection is highly satisfying if you’re looking for a model that won’t blow your tool budget. Stihl chainsaws are preferred by consumers looking for affordable and effective chainsaws for personal use.

5: Husqvarna Provides Services to Professionals

While consumers prefer Stihl chainsaws for personal use, professionals prefer Husqvarna’s chainsaw lineup.

As briefly discussed above, this is related to the design of these chainsaws. Stihl chainsaws are ideal for smaller jobs due to their lightweight design.

However, a Husqvarna chainsaw might be better if you’re a professional who requires longer run times from their chainsaw.

Husqvarna’s chainsaws are always up to the job, thanks to their larger fuel tanks. That is why professionals prefer them!

6: Stihl Chainsaws Require Little Upkeep

Because Husqvarna caters to professionals, their chainsaws cause more detailed maintenance. Stihl’s chainsaws are well known for being simple to maintain.

Stihl comes out on top of the level of care required by these various brands’ chainsaws.

Regardless of the brand, all chainsaw models will necessitate maintenance. Stihl chainsaws will be ideal if you prefer chainsaws requiring less maintenance.


7: Husqvarna Provides a Greater Warranty

Many Husqvarna chainsaws come with a competitive warranty. Husqvarna will repair or replace any defective product free of charge during the warranty period.

This warranty is valid for two years for personal use. Depending on the model, their professional or commercial use warranty will range from ninety days to one year. Husqvarna chainsaws in the XP model come with a one-year warranty.

How To Start Husqvarna Chainsaw Video

Stihl’s Chainsaws 

Stihl’s electric and gas-powered chainsaws have a one-year limited warranty for personal use.

Stihl chainsaws have a three-month limited warranty for professional and commercial use. You should go with the Husqvarna chainsaw if you want a competitive warranty.

Stihl Chainsaw
Stihl Chainsaw

Stihl is one of the most well-established power tool brands in the market now. After all, Stihl has been making chainsaws and other power tools for roughly a century.

Andreas Stihl, the inventor of Stihl, hand-made his first chain saw from his project in 1926, the same year the company was formed.

Stihl launched its first single-operator chainsaw in the 1950s. Of course, most chainsaws today can solely be used by one person. Modern chainsaws from Stihl have smaller fuel reservoirs.

This not only causes the chainsaw to be lighter but also allows for easier overall manipulation of the chainsaw while in service.

Stihl is now considered one of the world’s leading and top-selling chainsaw brands, practically seventy years after the release of their original single-operator chainsaw.

‘Chainsaws’ is one of the major product divisions on Stihl’s official website. This category consists of fifteen subcategories.

Chainsaws are organized into the following categories: battery saws, homeowner saws, farm and homestead saws, professional saws, electric saws, in-tree saws, and salvage saws.

The remaining subcategories are for chainsaw peripherals and accessories. Saw chains, guide bars, filing tools, and cases are examples.

Stihl is a famous brand among people looking to buy a chainsaw for personal use. Stihl chainsaws are easier to handle for smaller or more delicate jobs because of their lightweight design.

Stihl is widely available to diverse people, as it is sold in over 160 countries worldwide. Although Stihl is one of the world’s best-selling chainsaw brands, it is not the only one.

How To Select Stihl Chainsaw

Husqvarna’s Chainsaws 

The Husqvarna Group, founded in 1689, is a well-known Swedish manufacturer of various power tools and products.

Husqvarna noticed an increase in forecasting activities in the 1950s. As a result, the company expanded its engine knowledge and produced its first chainsaw in 1959.

Husqvarna Chainsaw
Husqvarna Chainsaw

Husqvarna’s official website’s primary product categories are ‘Chainsaws and Forestry Tools.’ The subsection ‘Chainsaw’ is then subdivided into seven subcategories.

There are four types of chainsaws:

Chainsaw Bars, Chainsaw Chains, and Chainsaw Parts are the remaining subcategories in the ‘Chainsaw’ subsection.

The official website makes purchasing replacement components for your chainsaw easier for those who already own one of Husqvarna’s tough chainsaws.

Husqvarna is one of the most well-known chainsaw brands on the market. Husqvarna chainsaws are widely regarded as being among the best in the industry.

Their chainsaws are backed by highly competitive warranties, demonstrating Husqvarna’s commitment to producing high-quality products.

Professionals frequently prefer Husqvarna for the reasons stated above. Professional Chainsaws is the official website’s second-largest chainsaw product category.

Husqvarna’s popular XP chainsaws are included in the Professional Chainsaws category. Husqvarna’s Pro Chainsaw Warranty is included with these models.

But not everyone requires a professional-grade chainsaw. For many homeowners, an inexpensive, lightweight chainsaw will suffice. Finally, your specific requirements will determine the chainsaw brand you choose.

Continue reading as we compare Husqvarna and Stihl’s chainsaws to assist you in making your decision!

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Considerations When Purchasing A Chainsaw

There are a few factors to consider when purchasing a new chainsaw. We’ll break down these considerations, from the type of chainsaw you want to buy to the various brand options.

Finally, these factors will assist you in comparing multiple chainsaws when making your final purchasing decision.

1: Think about the type of chainsaw you want

When buying a chainsaw, regardless of which brand you choose, you must carefully consider the type of chainsaw you want to buy. After all, you have a few different chainsaw options to choose from!

One of these variations is gas-powered chainsaws. These chainsaws are quick, efficient, and make clean cuts.

These chainsaws can operate continuously, making them the perfect choice for those with their work cut out. These chainsaws, however, are known to be heavier than electric models.

There are two main types of electric chainsaws. The first is the corded-electric chainsaw, which must be plugged in a while in use.

These chainsaws are not only lighter but also less expensive. Your range of motion may be limited due to the corded nature.

A battery powers the other type of electric chainsaw. In general, these variants will be more expensive than corded ones.

This variant is frequently as expensive as the gas-powered variant. While the performance is comparable to that of a gas-powered chainsaw, the battery is only expected to last forty minutes before recharging.

Consider the Guide Bar Length of the Chainsaw

As a rule of thumb, a chainsaw’s guide bar length is regularly calculated from the tip of the chain to where the guide bar comes in the housing.

There will be a variety of guide bar lengths to choose from. Finally, the length you select will be determined by the material you intend to cut.

The guide bar on your chainsaw should ideally be at least two inches longer than the material you want to cut.

A guide bar up to fourteen inches long should satisfy most homeowners. However, for heavy-duty cutting, a guide bar varying between 24- and 36-inches will likely be required.

Consider the Engine Power of the Chainsaw

We discussed how your intended uses for your chainsaw affect the length of the guide bar you’ll need earlier. However, the engine power required by your chainsaw will be determined by your intended uses.

Chainsaws with 31-cc to 34-cc engines are ideal for lighter work, such as trimming branches. Buyers should instead choose a chainsaw with a 55-cc engine for light work.

For heavy-duty work, buyers should look for a chainsaw with an engine capacity ranging from 65 to 110 cubic centimeters.

4: Think about the chainsaw’s safety features

When selecting the best chainsaw for you, you should consider the safety features included. This is especially important when using a chainsaw.

A chain brake, which allows you to stop the chainsaw’s chain between cuts effectively, is one safety feature to look for and an anti-vibration system is another.

A chain catcher is another excellent safety feature. Chainsaw chains have been known to snap, injuring people in the process. On the other hand, a chain catcher mechanism will catch the chain before it can reach your hand.

5: Examine Various Chainsaw Brands

While keeping the preceding considerations in mind, you should also consider the various available brands; fuel consumption should also be considered.

While different brands may manufacture similar products, they may differ in price, quality, and target audience. Stihl and Husqvarna are two exceptionally well-known chainsaw brands, but how close are they equal?


How Does Husqvarna Compare to STIHL?

Regarding safety features, Husqvarna and STIHL are equal in most respects. Both brands have built-in chain brake systems to prevent blade kickbacks and stop the tool in case of an emergency.

Both brands have all-in-one switches as well as cordless versions. With the Husqvarna model, the manual shutoff requires a downward motion of the thumb, while a similar motion for the Stihl will stop the chain.

STIHL Chainsaws – Which Brand is Better Than Husqvarna?

Depending on your budget, a STIHL chainsaw can be a great alternative to a Husqvarna chainsaw.

Both chainsaws are reasonably priced, but the STIHL chainsaw’s lower weight and smaller fuel tank make it easier to handle.

Husqvarna chainsaws can be heavy, making them an excellent choice for a DIY project. A STIHL chainsaw will make the job a breeze if you’re on a tight budget.

Which Starts Easier – STIHL Or Husqvarna?

Both brands have their pros and cons, and they vary in price. Essentially, both brands start quickly if all components are in order and also fuel mix is correct.

What is the Best Brand of Chainsaw?

Among the many options out there, chainsaws made by Stihl are the best-selling. They were founded by Andreas Stihl and are still made today by his descendants.

You can find a chainsaw with this top brand name on almost any hardware store shelf. And if you’re looking for a project chainsaw, the Stihl MS170 may be the one for you.

Final Word

Stihl and Husqvarna have some great options if you’re searching for a fresh chainsaw. Finally, the brand you choose is determined by your requirements.

Stihl has an excellent selection if you’re looking for a low-cost chainsaw for personal use.

On the other hand, if you require a more professional chainsaw with a comprehensive warranty, you’ll appreciate the options Husqvarna offers!

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