Weeding Your Garden With 5 Effective Ways For Free


Weeding Your Garden

Get Rid Of Garden Weeds For Free 

As the warm weather continues, the need for weeding your garden grows faster and rapidly increases in most outdoor spaces.

It seems like there is a never-ending battle between you and all the plants that you don’t want to be growing in your garden.

Although there are many chemical weed killers on the market, many gardeners would rather opt for a natural method of removing these pesky plants.

Gardening experts have shared organic ways for weeding your garden, including the pulling method.

Although quite “time-consuming”, pulling weeds is an “effective” way to get rid of weeds for free according to the experts.

The gardening gurus said: “Plucking weeds is a direct and organic approach to get rid of weeds, but it is likewise the most time-consuming process for stopping off garden plant pests

“The great thing about pulling weeds by hand is that you recognize when you have taken the weed roots out completely, it won’t be returning back.

“Putting in a lot of time in your garden pulling weeds further helps you get to appreciate your plants, so you can spot and control pests or diverse issues with your plants”

For those who don’t feel like pulling weeds but don’t want to use a lot of chemicals in their garden, there are some other organic options.

Gardeners can use boiling water to kill weeds as it “will kill the weeds as well as the seeds”.

However, despite its effectiveness, gardeners need to be cautious when using this method.

Horticulturists should not employ boiling water to kill garden weeds as it could hinder the growth of the grass too.

Boiling water performs better on broad-leaf weeds than it acts on perennials, woody plants, or grass weeds, corresponding to experts from the University of California’s combined pest administration department.

For plants, such as dandelions, it may take extra water to arrive at the root and kill off the plant.

Other weeds with a hairy root structure near the top of the soil don’t need as much to be picked up permanently.

Weeding Your Garden Natural Way

Practically nothing equals the pure annoyance when you see all your hard work in the garden being destroyed by pesky weeds.

But although there are numerous brands in the market to tackle these unwelcome tenants, one gardener has revealed how she uses a more natural approach – and it’s also decorative.

Instead, the enthusiast revealed, she uses plants that are thick and low to the ground – these will help to smother weeds and prevent their growth.

“In the borders, I have elected for beautiful ground cover plants which are exceptional for overcoming weeds.”

One of her favorites is Persicaria ‘Darjeeling Red’, a semi-evergreen perennial with small pink flowers.

Also commonly known as East Indian knotweed, this low-spreading plant has green leaves which turn brown in the autumn months.

”We still have lots of alchemilla Mollis (Lady’s Mantle), which smothers weeds truly well – plus, it has the combined benefit of looking stunning in cut flower forms!!”

Unlike Persicaria ‘Darjeeling Red, Lady’s Mantle is a plant that grows in clumps.

It has tiny, bright yellow flowers which grow in sprays.

However, the avid gardener does remove some weeds when necessary.

“I feel it’s a small price to pay for protecting the garden’s ecosystem.”

5 chemical-free weed-killing methods to try out


Mulching is a common trick used in green spaces, which involves laying down organic matter – around five centimeters thick – on flowerbeds.

This will enrich the soil, but it also has the benefit of weeding your garden.


Although it might seem old-fashioned to some, this method is still effective.

Use a trowel to loosen the roots and pull them out.

Boiling water

The boiling water trick is more appropriate for weeds on the patio because the scorching temperatures will damage the roots of other plants in your green space.

Pour boiling water over weeds between paving stones to destroy these pesky plants you want to banish.


A cheap ingredient sitting in all kitchen cupboards, salt is an effective weed-killer, as its chemical properties will dry out the plant’s root.

Make a mixture of saltwater and spray it onto weeds.


Another inexpensive gardening hack involves using vinegar, which works similarly to salt. Gardeners should make a mixture of water and vinegar and spray it onto weeds.


There are several paths to get rid of pesky weeds – and you don’t need to spend money on expensive chemical products.