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Coconut Tree

Coconut Tree Growing From Store Bought Coconut, 6 Easy Steps

Coconut Tree Can I grow a coconut tree from a store-bought coconut if I plant it just right? You people just never run out of things to wonder about, do you? That's OK with me. I...
Christmas Cactus

How to Grow and Care for a Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus is a popular holiday plant known for its colorful flowers and easy care. Unlike other cacti, it is native to the rainforests of Brazil and is an epiphyte, which means it grows...

Wildflower: Fall In Love With 4 Bountiful Wildflower Varieties

Who Else Wants To Enjoy Wildflower Wildflower popularity is going wild. Bright yellow lance-leaved coreopsis, black-eyed Susans, white oxeye daisies, and purple rocket larkspurs are popping up in beds and meadows everywhere. In back yards, along...
Mirabelle Plums

Mirabelle Plums Planting Instructions

Mirabelle Plums Growing exciting and unique plants is one of the most exciting aspects of starting and maintaining a home garden. Heirloom vegetables, nut trees, and fruits are beautiful additions for those looking to increase...
Raven ZZ Plant

Raven ZZ Plant: 1 Houseplant With Amazing Look

Raven ZZ Plant Raven ZZ Plant is part of the Costa Farms Trending Tropicals Collection. This beautiful dark-leaved beauty was introduced in 2019 and has enjoyed a lot of popularity among both novice and experienced houseplant collectors. Raven was...
Small flowering trees

The Secret of Small Flowering Trees: 8 Amazing Small Trees

Fall In Love With Sall Flowering Trees Small flowering trees are some of the most rewarding plants you can add to your landscape. Requiring little care, they fit perfectly into urban gardens where large shade...
Multisowing Benefits

Multisowing Benefits: 3 Root Vegetables That Can Be Multi Sown

Multisowing What are multisowing benefits and what is multisowing? There are considerable and enticing benefits to sowing two or more seeds concurrently, rather than one seed per module or station, for many vegetables. This article...
Green Rose

The Green Rose History And Growing Information

Green Rose History Unless you catch a whiff of its peppery scent, you can stroll right past this green rose bush without even realizing it's in bloom. For a rose, you must admit, that's a...
Fountain Grass (Pennisetum setaceum)

Fountain Grass Plus 20 Great Varieties

Fountain Grass Fountain grass's resistance to being mowed is evident in the appearance of ragged, tan lawn blades. This makes it easy to identify. This plant is not easy to cut with sharp mower blades. Pennisetums, native...

Dipladenia Vs Mandevilla: 6 Best Growing Tips

1. Understand the Difference: Dipladenia and Mandevilla are climbing plants from the same family, known for their stunning trumpet-shaped flowers. However, Dipladenia is more of a bushy plant, while Mandevilla is a vigorous vine....