Areca Palm

Areca Palm: 2 Easy Methods Of Propagating

What Is Areca Palm While regarded primarily as an aesthetic plant, the Areca palm embellishing your home is a fantastic air humidifier and toxin extractor. The Areca Palm, one of the most prominent nursery plants, adorns...

Epiphyllum Growing: Epiphyllum Value Information

Epiphyllum Epiphyllums are part of the cacti group, but unlike their desert cousins, they cling as ephiphytes to trees in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. Several hybrids have arisen from this genus which...
Belgian Endive

Belgian Endive An Ideal Fall Vegetable: 1 Extra Recipe You Need To Try

What Is Endive Endive is a compact head of lettuce with tightly bunched white and pale yellow leaves around a firm, elongated heart. It may be eaten raw as a salad ingredient or simmered as a...
Crown Vetch

Crown Vetch – Tips For Growing Crown Vetch

Crown Vetch If you want to plant crown vetch, spring is the time to do so. A member of the legume (pea) family, crown vetch is a perennial ground cover. It offers fine-textured foliage in...
Growing Pumpkins

Growing Pumpkins: 10 Pumpkin Big Growing Tips

Growing Pumpkins Growing pumpkins for their tasty flesh or to thrill the kids at Halloween. With the right seed, some compost, and plenty of water, if you follow our tips, you'll have a spectacular harvest. Growing...

Lilac Bushes And 4 Most Beautiful Lilac Plants To Purchase

Lilac Bushes One of the most common questions about lilac bushes: "How do I make my lilacs bloom lower on the plant?" When lilac bushes get old, they get taller, producing their flowers at...
Cherokee Rose

Cherokee Rose Care And Origin History

Cherokee Rose Cherokee rose, a beautiful vinelike plant with thorns and white flowers that thrives in the woods around here and is easily transplanted into local gardens. The Cherokee rose in all actuality are not native...
Burpless Cucumbers

Burpless cucumbers: 1 Scientific Research Report

Burpless cucumbers - oriental trellis cucumber Burpless cucumbers are listed in many seed catalogs as milder in taste (or easier on digestion) than the American slicing type.   Burpless cucumbers are marketed in the United States to...

Lithops 3 Golden Rules Of Cultivating

Lithops Are Amazing Rock Resembling Plants Easy-care lithops need very little water, lots of sun. Lithops are the best when there is no room on the windowsill for anything but the tiniest of plants. They...
Are Orchids Poisonous For Cats

Are Orchids Poisonous For Cats – Truth Or Myth?

Are Orchids Poisonous For Cats Orchids are not poisonous for Cats, and also this is valid for other pets. There is a lot of misinformation going around the Internet with ludicrous claims that the Orchid...