50 Cleaning Hacks You Never Knew You Needed (But Now Can’t Live Without!)

Cleaning Hacks
Cleaning Hacks

Keeping a clean home is a task that never seems to end. However, with the right tricks up your sleeve, you can make cleaning easier, faster, and more effective. Here are 50 little-known cleaning hacks that will help you tackle even the toughest messes with ease.

Kitchen Hacks

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  1. Vinegar to Clean Faucet Gunk Soak a cloth in vinegar and place it around the base of your faucet for a couple of hours. Wipe away the stains effortlessly.
  2. Salt for a Messy Oven Sprinkle salt on a spill while the oven is still hot. This will help form a crust that makes cleaning up easier.
  3. Lemon for Cutting Boards Sprinkle salt on your cutting board and scrub with the cut side of a lemon to remove stains and odors.
  4. Revive a Grimy Baking Sheet Sprinkle baking soda on the baking sheet, pour on hydrogen peroxide, then add more baking soda. Let it sit for a few hours before wiping clean.
  5. Clean Garbage Disposal with Ice Put ice down the drain and run the disposal to clean the blades.
  6. Olive Oil for Stainless Steel Apply a small amount of olive oil on a cloth to remove oil and fingerprints from stainless steel surfaces.

Laundry and Fabric Tips

  1. Tennis Ball in the Dryer Toss a tennis ball into the dryer to soften clothes and remove lint.
  2. Shaving Cream for Fabric Stains Apply shaving cream to fabric stains, let it sit for a few minutes, then blot away.

Dusting and Polishing

  1. Use a Long Sock as a Duster Slip a long sock over your hand to reach high places and dust surfaces.
  2. Coffee Filters for Streak-Free Windows Clean windows with coffee filters to avoid streaks.
  3. Paintbrush for Dusting Furniture Use a paintbrush to dust furniture and get into crevices.
  4. Garden Gloves for Knickknacks Wear garden gloves to easily dust and clean delicate knickknacks.

Bathroom Hacks

  1. Microwave a Bowl of Water and Lemon Juice Microwave a bowl of water and lemon juice to easily clean the microwave. The steam will loosen grime, making it easy to wipe away.
  2. Bleach Pen for Grout Use a bleach pen to clean grout lines easily.
  3. Synthetic Soap for Bathroom Cleaning Synthetic soap can simplify cleaning tasks around the bathroom, cutting through grime effortlessly.

Miscellaneous Hacks

  1. Essential Oils in Garbage Disposal Add a few drops of essential oil to your garbage disposal to make it smell fresh.
  2. Clean a Coffee Maker with Vinegar. Run vinegar through your coffee maker to remove buildup.
  3. Pie Plate as a Dustpan: Use a pie plate to scoop up dust and debris.
  4. Scuff Mark Eraser for Walls Use a scuff mark eraser to remove scuffs from walls.
  5. Sawdust for Spills: Sprinkle sawdust on spills to soak them up quickly.
  6. Swiffer Mop for Walls Clean walls with a Swiffer mop for a quick and effective solution.
  7. Tongs for Cleaning Blinds Wrap a cloth around each side of a pair of tongs to clean between blinds.
  8. Lemon for Hard Water Buildup Rub a lemon over hard water stains to remove them.
  9. Duct Tape for Pet Hair Wrap duct tape around your hand, sticky side out, to remove pet hair from surfaces.
  10. Paint Stick for Dryer Lint Use a paint stick to reach and clean lint buildup in your dryer.
  11. Coffee Filters for Dusting Use coffee filters to dust surfaces without leaving lint behind.
  12. Toothbrush for Exhaust Fan Clean your exhaust fan with a toothbrush to get into all the small spaces.
  13. Dryer Sheet for Dusting Clothes Put a dryer sheet in the dryer to dust clothes and remove static.
  14. Extendable Pole Duster Use a duster on an extendable pole to reach high areas.
  15. Microfiber Products for Cleaning Microfiber products are great for cleaning as they trap dust and dirt effectively.
  16. Green Cleaning Solution Make your own green cleaning solution with natural ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils.
  17. Nylon Scrubber for Tough Jobs Use a nylon scrubber for tough cleaning jobs to avoid scratches.
  18. Coat Hanger for Sluggish Toilet Use a coat hanger to help clear blockages in a sluggish toilet.
  19. Bottle Brush for Hard-to-Reach Areas Clean narrow or hard-to-reach areas with a bottle brush.
  20. Vacuum First, Then Scrub Always vacuum before scrubbing to remove loose dirt and debris.
  21. Garbage Bag Holder Use a garbage bag holder to keep bags open while you work.
  22. Flashlight for Small Items Use a flashlight to find small items that have fallen on the floor.
  23. Vacuum Efficiently Vacuum slowly and in different directions for maximum efficiency.
  24. Soap Dispenser Brush for Showers Fill a soap dispenser brush with your favorite cleaner for easy scrubbing in the shower.
  25. Squeegee for Windows and Mirrors Use a squeegee to clean windows and mirrors without streaks.
  26. Toothbrush for Small Spaces Clean grout and small spaces with an old toothbrush.
  27. Baking Soda and Vinegar for Toilets Use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to clean and deodorize your toilet.
  28. Lint Roller for Pet Hair Use a lint roller to pick up pet hair from furniture.
  29. Magic Eraser for Scuff Marks Remove scuff marks from walls with a magic eraser.
  30. Dryer Sheet for Baseboards Wipe down baseboards with a dryer sheet to repel dust.
  31. Squeegee for Shower Doors Use a squeegee on shower doors to prevent water spots.
  32. Baking Soda and Water Paste for Stainless Steel Make a paste of baking soda and water to clean stainless steel.
  33. Toothpick for Small Crevices Use a toothpick to clean out small crevices and tight spots.
  34. Rubber Glove for Broken Glass: Wear a rubber glove to safely pick up small pieces of broken glass.
  35. Paint Stick for Dryer Lint Another use for a paint stick is to clean the lint buildup in the dryer effectively.

Unlock the secret to an effortlessly clean home! Embracing these hidden cleaning gems will not only streamline your routine but also leave your abode gleaming with pristine splendor. Experience the transformative power of these hacks and witness the remarkable results that await!