Caterpillars: What Plants Are Affected And Remedy

Caterpillars Caterpillars are the early or larval stage of butterflies and moths. Not all are major plant pests, but certain types, such as cabbage white caterpillars, can wreak havoc in the garden. They often render crop plants inedible...
How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees And Carpenter Ants

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees Carpenter bees are not classified as "wood-destroying" insects like termites and carpenter ants. If they choose your house, they can be a pain. They're called carpenters because they leave...
Pepper Eating Worms

Pepper Eating Worms And 2 Other Damaging Pepper Pests

Worms On Peppers There are a variety o pepper eating worms and other pests to deal with pepper plants. You can evade them as long as you treat the area, but you must be wary...
Hammerhead Worms

Hammerhead Worms: 1 Disgusting Secret Zombies Could Learn From These Worms

The Ultimate Secrets Of Hammerhead Worms If you have ever wondered how hammerhead worms reproduce, you're not alone. These worms are small and can be easily removed with vinegar, salt, and rubbing alcohol. A nasty invader...
Houseplant Gnats

How To Get Rid Of Houseplant Gnats: 4 Ways To Clear Them All

What Are the Houseplant Gnats? The term "houseplant gnats" refers to four types of microscopic flying insects: drain flies, fruit flies, phorid flies, and fungus gnats. Drain flies and phorid flies commonly congregate near rubbish,...
June Bug

June Bugs: 4 Most Asked Questions Answered

Beware of The June Bug What are June bugs? Is it a beetle that only comes out in June and then dies? What exactly is it? According to the World Book Encyclopedia, June bugs are also...
Plant Ants

12 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Plant Ants From Your Garden And House

Should You Kill Ants In The Garden? Why you should avoid killing ants in your garden - natural ways to deter plant ants from plants. Ants can be a nuisance in the garden, especially when...
Army Worms

Army Worms Desolated East Coast; Crops Devastated

Waging War Against Army Worms Tent caterpillars, also known as army worms, are much-despised -- especially by campers and homeowners -- as they march by the thousands and drop down on silky webs from tree...