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Bradford Pear Tree

Bradford Pear Tree: How To Get Rid Off Bradford Pear Tree Once and For...

Why Bradford Pear Tree Is No Friend Of Yours Spring is the season for flowering plants and trees. However, a word of caution: some of these lovely flowers may originate from intrusive species. One of those...
4 Leaf Clover

4 Leaf Clover Mystery And History Explained

4 Leaf Clover The 4 leaf clover...there is so much to say about this oddity of nature. While some people spend their entire lives searching for the lucky 4-leaf clover, others (like my children) can...
Rose of Sharon

12 Rose Of Sharon Hibiscus Varieties for Your Great Garden

Rose of Sharon The Rose of Sharon belongs among the most beautiful hot-weather plants. We don't see enough of the rose of Sharon because we have a deep prejudice against deciduous plants. Los Angeles residents...
Growing Pistachio Trees

Growing Pistachio Trees: Essential Tips for Healthy Growth

Growing pistachio trees offers several benefits. They are a high-value crop with increasing demand, providing a profitable investment. Additionally, pistachio trees have a long lifespan, require less water usage than other tree crops, and...
Jacaranda Trees

Jacaranda Tree Growing: How Fast Does Jacaranda Tree Grow

Growing And Propagating Jacaranda Tree Jacarandas will grow in virtually any soil provided it is not too cold and wet. However, they do not prefer to be overwatered in summer and enjoy a reputation of...
Rubber Tree Plant

Rubber Tree Plants: Ficus Elastica Melany Care Tips

Rubber Tree Whether as a result of or despite Frank Sinatra's song, a rubber tree plant can be found in almost every home. The botanical name for Rubber Tree Plants is "Ficus Elastica Melany" which...
Eastern Redbud

Eastern Redbud 1 Amazing Harbinger Of Spring

Eastern Redbud Tree While the term "eastern redbud" conjures up images of it growing across the eastern seaboard The native tree is cold-hardy in zones 4-9, covering all gardening climates across In the past the landscaping...
Growing Figs

The Enchanting Fig: A Guide to Growing Figs Indoors and Outdoors

Unleash your inner gardener and relish the bounty of figs! This comprehensive guide to Growing Figs unveils everything you need to know: Choosing the suitable variety, caring for your fig tree indoors or outdoors,...
Bay Laurel

Bay Laurel Grow and Care Tips

Bay Laurel Tree The leaves of bay laurel are quite recognized for their usage as a kitchen spice, but bay laurel is an evergreen shrubbery or tree native to the Mediterranean zone. It has broad,...
Pomegranate tree

Pomegranate Tree History And 5 Easy Steps To Plant It

Pomegranate Tree Pomegranate Tree, Punica Granatum, also known by the name pomegranate. The Punica granatum is part of the Punicaceae family. This little semi-deciduous plant is steeped in romance and history. The pomegranate fruit is a fleshy...