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Blue-Eyed Grass

Blue-Eyed Grass: 1 Perfect Border For Landscape

Blue-Eyed Grass Narrowleaf blue-eyed grass is not a grass as its name suggests, but rather a petite member of the iris family. This Florida native has found its way into moist turf areas along Florida's roadways...
Mirabelle Plums

Mirabelle Plums Planting Instructions

Mirabelle Plums Growing exciting and unique plants is one of the most exciting aspects of starting and maintaining a home garden. Heirloom vegetables, nut trees, and fruits are beautiful additions for those looking to increase...

Plumeria Growing And Caring Tips

Plumeria Plumerias are tropical trees that are known for their stunning flowers. These beautiful flowering trees are common in South Florida, Hawaii, and other tropical areas. The famous lei (floral garlands) made from plumeria flowers are found...

Honeyberry, Haskap, blue honeysuckle: they all spell delicious!

Honeyberry There's a new berry in the berry patch, and it's called the honeyberry or sweet berry (haskap) and sometimes called blue honeysuckle as it is edible honeysuckle. The berries are similar looking to blueberries but...

Euonymus: 11 Safe Euonymus Plants To Grow

Euonymus When you seek a plant that will be a trouble-free workhorse in your landscape, you will do well to consider the group of plants known as Euonymus. This genus is represented by evergreen forms...
Thryallis Shrub

Thryallis Shrub – How to Grow Thryallis Shrubs

Thryallis Shrub  If you’re looking for year-round blooms and an ornamental shrub for your sub-tropical garden, look no further than the low-maintenance and gorgeous thryallis. With just a little thryallis plant info, you can quickly...
Plumbago auriculata

Plumbago Auriculata And 1 False Medical Use

Plumbago Auriculata Plumbago is a sprawling South African shrub that grows three feet to five feet tall on sunny, well-drained sites. Freezes damage it but recover. Plumbago auriculata or cape plumbago is one of many ornamental shrubs...
Sword Fern

Sword Fern Plus 7 Great Ferns To Grow

Sword Fern Leaves of the western sword fern have small, dark green leaflets arranged pinnately -- featherlike -- along a central midrib. Where redwoods have dropped their needles for centuries, sword ferns grow in clumps that become quite substantial with age, reaching...
Professional Tree Care Services

Expertise Matters: How Professional Commercial Tree Care Services Can Maximize the Lifespan of Your...

Trees are the quintessential symbols of life on Earth. However, some seem to defy time, standing tall and healthy for decades, while others wither away prematurely. The secret to a long life in trees...
Areca Palm

Areca Palm: 2 Easy Methods Of Propagating

What Is Areca Palm While regarded primarily as an aesthetic plant, the Areca palm embellishing your home is a fantastic air humidifier and toxin extractor. The Areca Palm, one of the most prominent nursery plants, adorns...