Calathea Ornata Growing And Care Info


Calathea Ornata

Calathea Ornata

Calathea ornata, also known as the pinstripe-houseplant, is an attractive member of the Maranta (or prayer plant) family. The strikingly veined leaves will make a statement in any home. Houseplant care is not easy, just like any Calathea. They need extra attention indoors to look their best.

Calathea ornata ‘Roseo-lineata,’ which bears stiff, shiny, dark green leaves up to 8 inches long. They have pale pink stripes on top and a maroon or burgundy underside. Calathea‘s leaves begin to point upward, leaving no doubt about the origin of its common name as the sun sets and night approaches.

Native to tropical jungles, calatheas are similar to anthuriums in their preference for moist, organic soil and bright, indirect light. They also share the anthuriums’ requirements for warmth, humidity, and light feeding during the growing season.

Calathea Ornata Info

BOTANICAL NAME: Calathea ornata The beautiful foliage of this plant is its main attraction. It is often thought to be a prayer plant, and they are related.

On the dark-green leaves, pink stripes feather out from the midrib to the edges on a slight curve. The undersides of the leaves are burgundy.

LIGHT PREFERENCE: Calatheas prefer a medium exposure to ensure the stripes stay a bright pink. Direct sun will fade the markings, yet too dark an exposure will not allow them to stay bright.

WATERING: Keep it evenly moist, not wet, but never dry. Place on a pebble tray to keep the humidity high. This is a must, as the leaf edges will turn brown if grown in dry air.

FLOWER: These plants are grown for their beautiful foliage and most likely won’t flower in the house.

SIZE: It may grow to 2 feet (0.6 m) tall.

PROPAGATION: The calathea can be propagated by division.

Safe for pets. Keep the soil moist and out of the direct sun (sunlight will burn its distinctive leaves).


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