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Prayer Plant

How to Care for a Prayer Plant: 4 Easy Steps To Propagate Prayer Plant

The prayer plant (Maranta) was named for its response to light and dark. During the day, the broad, oblong leaves spread out flat in the full ornamental display. With darkness, the leaves fold upwards into...
Philodendron Spiritus Sancti

Philodendron Spiritus Sancti

Spiritus Sancti is a species of philodendron whose name, at least in these circles, is typically spoken of with a reverent hush. Philodendron Spiritus Sancti is very close to becoming extinct in its natural habitat;...
Bonsai Tree

Bonsai Tree Info Plus 3 Magnificent Bonsai Varieties

Bonsai Tree Christmas has gone, and many of you will be the proud owners of a small bonsai tree. The most critical question to be answered now is, "how do I keep it alive?" Two words...
Growing Pistachio Trees

Growing Pistachio Trees: Essential Tips for Healthy Growth

Growing pistachio trees offers several benefits. They are a high-value crop with increasing demand, providing a profitable investment. Additionally, pistachio trees have a long lifespan, require less water usage than other tree crops, and...
Mexican Sage

Mexican Sage Growing And Caring Tips

Mexican Sage Mexican Sage Salvia leucantha Growth habit: An upright bushy perennial growing to 4-feet tall. Light: Plant in the full sun. Water needs: Survives with normal rainfall. Feedings: Apply a balanced fertilizer in February, June, and...
virgin's bower

Virgin’s Bower: Invasive Or Not?

Virgin's bower, Clematis virginiana, is a native perennial vine with very conspicuous fragrant flowers. Found in the piedmont and mountains of North Carolina as well as several eastern and central states, this prolifically spreading vine can...

Dracaena Plant: 8 Essential Care Tips

Dracaena Squat, with a full head of strappy, green leaves, dracaena is an ideal houseplant. The plant tolerates low light, low humidity, and even temporarily dry soil. With age, dracaena's appearance changes, becoming graceful as starbursts...
Globe Thistle

Globe Thistle 101: Everything You Need to Know for Thriving Plants

What is a globe thistle? Globe Thistle is an old-fashioned plant that is easy to grow and hardy. The flowers are beautiful and will attract butterflies to your garden. We can plant this flower in...
Rubber Tree Plant

Rubber Tree Plants: Ficus Elastica Melany Care Tips

Rubber Tree Whether as a result of or despite Frank Sinatra's song, a rubber tree plant can be found in almost every home. The botanical name for Rubber Tree Plants is "Ficus Elastica Melany" which...
Watering Can

TOP 10 Watering cans ; MAKE dousing plants fun

Top 10 Watering Cans Watering cans in all sizes and shapes, from playful to simple and sleek, regardless of if you are starting to hone your gardening skills or have long years of experience, you...